Maci Bookout Throws Major Shade at Ryan Edwards: Some Parents Actually Care About Their Kids!

It’s hard to tell how long MaciBookout will stay on the Teen Mom OG cast, and for that matter, what path she will take in her career after the show’s time is over.

But we Do I know she has a reputation as one of the most devoted moms in the teen mom world.

And if she seems to be thinking about how to monetize her dedication and use it to build her own personal brand, it may help maintain her standard of living after parting from MTV. not.

Mashi has already launched the clothing line for “Things That Matter”. It is designed to appeal to moms who prioritize family life above all else.

And in recent months, she has provided some solid, unjudgmental advice to her Instagram followers who may be struggling with parent-child demands.

Undoubtedly Bookout and her family are now accustomed to living under the microscope, but they have recently so far, largely as a result of repeated conflicts with her 12-year-old son’s father, Ryan Edwards. It has been scrutinized above, Bentley.

Ryan and Mashi

Mashi got Ryan and his family were fired From last month’s Teen Mom OG, she doesn’t seem to regret her decision.

This movement was made in response to the following scenes. Ryan bullies Bentley I ridiculed the poor child behind me.

The casket nails may have come when Jen and Larry Edwards came They told Bentley that they would be on Ryan’s side No matter how terrifying his behavior becomes.

Undoubtedly, Mashi has answered many questions about how to raise a child in such a controversial environment.

But instead of answering each DM individually (probably an impossible task), she seems to have decided to provide more general advice on her Instagram page.

Earlier this week, Mashi posted this photo of Bentley on the pitcher’s mound.

“Three ball teams, three stadiums, and three kids who love to play balls … People often ask us-how do you do it or what’s your secret?” She Added a caption to the photo.

“The truth is this-as parents, we are actively present, always encouraging their passion and always doing our best to be positive! 4P #bepresent #bepassionate # bepositive # parents.”

Well, I don’t know if it’s Maci Intended Throw a shade on her with those comments.

But that’s certainly the way her remarks were interpreted-and she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to correct those who jumped to that conclusion.

For now, the situation between Ryan and Mashi can’t be any more tense.

And unfortunately, Bentley is caught in the midst of a conflict.

In an episode of Teen Mom OG on Tuesday, Ryan told Bentley: Mashi was lying to him Manipulate the boy to think he needs treatment.

“I said,’I don’t know what’s going on, buds. But you feel like you’re lying, buddy. We love you so much. We love it normally. I want to come back, “he said. Of course, it means Mashi is lying.

“I said,’This is not what we want,’ and I could say that it tore him,” Ryan continued.

The timing of the episode was perfect for anyone who might have been curious about why Mashi decided to dismiss Ryan from the show.

Again, Ryan may not have been in Mashi’s mind when she posted her latest parenting advice.

But when I imagine the type of parent she doesn’t want to be, I’m sure he’s the first person she thinks!

Maci Bookout Throws Major Shade at Ryan Edwards: Some Parents Actually Care About Their Kids! Source link Maci Bookout Throws Major Shade at Ryan Edwards: Some Parents Actually Care About Their Kids!

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