Love Is Blind Successful Couples: Who’s Still Together?

The Love is blind successful couples are an exclusive set. Netflix’s quirky, addictive reality show has many things – a social experiment, a dating program, a well-designed drama factory – but it actually leads to some lasting relationships.

Whether you believe love is blind or not, there is no doubt that this twist is Dating game watching is hard to stop. We love looks like Love is blind justly. (And yes, the hit series is coming back season 3!) For strangers, unmarried men and women talk to each other about isolated “pieces” without seeing each other before they get engaged, allowing them to start dating and meeting each other’s families. But anyone who feels the stress of planning a wedding can guess what’s going on out there: fights, tears, and differences. So much happens sometimes other suggestions happen that we don’t even see on the screen.

Despite the many triangles of love, surprises, and the downright strange nature of the show, some people form genuine connections, and Love is blind successful couples can only take time to test.

Lauren Speed, a former competitor (player? Participant?), Was this advice for Love is blind couples: “When it was time for me to decide if I wanted to get married to #loveisBlind, I was having trouble. I really wanted to make sure I got married because I could see Cam forever. Not about production pressures or a desire for reputation. I wasn’t going to get married legally just because of the television. Because when those cameras leave and it’s just you and that person in life and creating a life together… reputation can’t save you. And whoever wants to be trapped in an empty marriage is hell! I really think this worked for us because it was genuinely 2 people who not only found love… but really fell in love with each other in the most unexpected way! I wish everyone the best in # loveisblind2 whether you decide to get married or stay single, I hope it brings you all closer to the happiness you all deserve! Not in any way. ”Her marriage seems to be going well, so maybe it will work!

If you think you will find One True Loves on the Netflix podium, make sure you know the statistics before calling Love is blind casting. Since most couples don’t get on their honeymoon, you can never say never. Love is blind season 2 was a wild trip, and we can only imagine it Love is blind season 3 will have even more roller coasters.

Here is Love is blind successful couples (i.e. everyone who got engaged on screen) are now. Keep this to yourself Love is blind after the altar…after that.

Love Is Blind Successful Couples: Who’s Still Together? Source link Love Is Blind Successful Couples: Who’s Still Together?

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