Louisiana State Police release videos from 2019 in-custody death of Ronald Greene

2 years later Ronald Green Colonel Lamar Davis said at a press conference on Friday that he died after encountering Louisiana police and released a video recording of his body camera that night.

The news arrives the same day CNN got one of the autopsy reports and body camera videos from the night Green died in 2019. The recording is from a Louisiana police soldier who arrived when another officer trying to arrest Green took him to the ground.

Davis began his remarks by offering his “heartfelt condolences” to Green’s family.

Then he said: “It’s a shame it took so long to get here.”

Davis, the department Release all videos It is related to the case and the ongoing criminal investigation. According to Davis, state police began investigating Green’s death hours after Green’s death on May 10, 2019, adding that state and federal agencies are investigating.

According to Davis, a body camera video from a police officer at the scene of his deadly encounter was released to the media last week without state police approval.

The autopsy listed Green’s cause of death as “cocaine-induced excitatory delirium with car crashes, physical struggles, head injuries, and restraints,” according to a report from sources with research knowledge. There is.

The new video seems to show a different perspective

The new video, obtained by CNN before it was released by the State Police, appears to show a different perspective from the scene than the recordings previously released by The Associated Press.

After Green was detained, a soldier who appeared to be a supervisor arrived at the scene, and although it is not clear what he knew about the incident at the time, he appears to be praising the soldier.

“You did a good job, you called for it and did a good job,” he says.

When he asks if the soldiers are okay, he hears “Yes, just wipe the blood from me.”

A damaged vehicle on the green can be seen behind where the policeman is standing on him.

Green is lying on the ground, screaming and moaning when he hears the soldiers telling him not to turn over.

“Lie down on your stomach, lie down on your stomach,” says Trooper.

“Yes, Sir,” says Green.

Ask him why he escaped from the police as Green leaned against the soldier’s leg.

“All you have to do is speed up a bit and get a red light,” says Trooper.

“I was just tired,” Green replies.

Green first turned to the ground, and two soldiers hugged him and moaned, “I intended to sit him, but he didn’t want to vomit blood everywhere. “Is called.

Green is not visible in most 30 minute videos. The moment he sees the green, he doesn’t seem to be resisting the police.

In some of the videos showing Green, no soldier seems to be trying to provide medical assistance.

According to a family lawsuit, a soldier called an ambulance, and an emergency technician determined that Green was in cardiac arrest after arriving at the scene and found him unresponsive.

Healthcare professionals will eventually see about half of the scenes in some of the videos captured by CNN.

Early on in the new body camera footage, Green can hear moans, but he can’t hear them when taken from the scene on a stretcher.

The· Wednesday AP posted 3 clipsIn total, it was just over 2 minutes long, and the length from the video that AP said was 46 minutes.

The two soldiers involved in the incident were reprimanded for their actions two years ago, including not following the procedures of the camera they were wearing.

Tru Park Squirrel Hollingsworth Was to be fired for a breach About the camera and car camera system you wear, the use of force, performance, legitimate orders, and non-officer behavior. However, according to Davis, he died in a car accident before he was fired.Before his death, Hollingsworth heard at Last year’s audio recording I will explain how to defeat “Living forever f ***” from the green.

Trooper Dakota Demos has been informed of the department’s intention to dismiss him and remains “waiting for the end of disciplinary proceedings related to the use of another excessive force.”

Trooper Collie York has completed a 50-hour suspension and returned to work until the results of a review by federal and state authorities.

CNN has contacted a DeMoss lawyer but has not responded. “At this time, we have no comments on the proceedings,” York lawyer Jay Adams told CNN on Wednesday.

Autopsy states that it is unknown how Green was injured

An autopsy created by the Union Parish Coroner’s Office stated in its opinion section that Green’s head laceration “does not match a car crash, but most closely matches multiple impacts from dull objects.” Stated.

“Despite the request, no written incident report was provided,” the report said, “no detailed information about the car crash was provided …”. It also mentions that the coroner’s office was “not provided with medical records for emergency services.”

“We cannot say for sure whether this injury was due to a car crash trauma, a subsequent struggle, or an intrinsically resuscitative. These findings show that car crashes. It may be related, but it can also be seen in other situations, such as injured during a struggle or related to resuscitation efforts (CPR), “the report said.

The report states that green blood contained significant levels of cocaine and alcohol.

AP reported last year that Union parish coroner Lenny Smith said Green’s death was determined to be accidental and was due to cardiac arrest.

CNN has contacted the coroner’s office for comment on this report. Autopsy does not describe the method of death (accidental, murder, natural cause, suicide, or undecided).

The family feels it has taken a detour

His family says they haven’t been given the opportunity to make him sad.

“I wouldn’t handle what happened to him if there was such a way to handle it properly,” his mother, Mona Hardin, told CNN’s Don Lemon Thursday.

According to Green’s family, police initially told them that they died in a shock when his car crashed on May 10, 2019, after police chase.

Video captured by AP And Released this week After the crash outside the city of Monroe, the LSP police officer said he was afraid of the green, and after being kicked, the green was seen lying down on the road. The first accident report from the state police did not state that there was a struggle between Green and the police.

Green’s sister, Alana Wilson, said she saw her first batch of videos for the first time on Wednesday. She told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that authorities have sent her family a “detour” since his death and have not provided accurate or complete information.

“I’m still chasing for justice for my brother,” Wilson said. “I can’t even grieve my brother who knows they did this to an innocent person.”

The case involved “concealment at many levels,” and the family held accountability to all involved, especially police officers who said Hardin “allowed him to die slowly on the spot.”

“What these guys did to my son and the concealment behind it … someone needs to stay focused and my family will do so,” said the first video at the invitation of the Governor of Louisiana. Hardin told CNN that he had seen it. Year. “What they did to Ronnie, they have to pay a fine.”

The crash report does not mention the struggle.According to another document, the death investigation began that day.

The first crash report from the state police did not mention soldiers who used force or arrested Green.

According to the crash report, two soldiers tracked the vehicle that Green was driving after trying to pull the Green for an unspecified traffic violation, and the tracking ended when Green crashed the vehicle.

According to another state police document, the Louisiana Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division was called in to investigate Green’s detention death about an hour after the crash.

The document, the first complaint by the investigative department, states that “Green was detained after resisting arrest and fighting soldiers.”

“After a while, Green became unresponsive and was transferred to Glenwood Medical Center by Puffford Medical Services,” said the first complaint.

He died on his way to the hospital, read the first complaint.

In May 2020, Green’s daughter filed a federal law enforcement proceeding against seven law enforcement officers, saying Green “caused his death by the Louisiana police and the Deputy Police Officer of the Union Parish.” The proceedings alleged that police officers “exercised deadly force” against him.

Green’s mother, Hardin, told CNN Thursday that two investigators had told her family shortly after her death that Green had slammed into a tree while pursuing.

The proceedings allege that “an officer told Green’s mother that he was killed shortly after hitting a tree.”

According to the proceedings, the first report from Glenwood Medical Center stated that cardiac arrest was the main cause of Green’s death. According to the proceedings, he was also diagnosed with an “unspecified head injury.”

The proceedings also cite a doctor in the GCM emergency room who claimed that different explanations of what happened to Green were not “summed up.”

“If you get more history from different law enforcement officers, the history will be disjointed and will not appear to be summed up. There are different versions,” the proceedings quoted as the doctor said.

“The family said the law enforcement agency told me that the patient died in a collision with (Thursday) shortly after the car accident, but the law enforcement agency told me the patient. [sic] I got out of the car, was running, was involved in fighting and struggling, “and” was tasted three times. “

Louisiana State Police release videos from 2019 in-custody death of Ronald Greene Source link Louisiana State Police release videos from 2019 in-custody death of Ronald Greene

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