Los Angeles Police Department officer wronged in shooting that killed 14-year-old girl

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police officers violated policy when they fired a rifle at a suspect inside a clothing store last year and killed a 14-year-old girl in a locker room, the Civil Oversight Board said Tuesday. made a judgment on

Officer William Dorsey Jones Jr. said as police responded to a Burlington clothing store in the San Fernando Valley where 24-year-old Daniel Elena Lopez brutally attacked two women on Dec. 23, 2021. fired three times at

Valentina Orellana Peralta was shot while praying in her dressing room with her mother, Soledad Peralta. Jones also killed Elena Lopez.

The police commission ruled that Jones was justifiable for firing one shot, but that two subsequent shots violated policy.

Police Chief Michelle Moore previously found in his own review that all three shots were unjustified.

Now that both the Chief Commission and the Civilian Commission have released their findings, Jones could ultimately face disciplinary action or dismissal. I can.

A call for an after-hours comment to Jones’ attorney, Leslie Lee Wilcox, was not immediately returned on Tuesday.

Police were called to the North Hollywood store following reports of a man acting erratically and brandishing a bicycle lock. He attacked her two women, one of whom limped a woman who tried to escape by crawling down the aisle of the store after falling to her floor.

After calling 911, the Los Angeles Police Department marched through the store in a formation and body camera video was shown. Officer Jones brandished his rifle and pushed ahead of the pack despite the other officers repeatedly saying “slow down” and “slow down”.

According to video footage, officers saw a woman crawling on the floor in blood and Lopez on the other side of the aisle. “Hold on! Hold on!” another officer shouted, just before Jones fired three shots.

Jones told the LAPD’s Use of Force Review Board that he believed someone inside the store was shooting people, that he saw a bleeding victim, and that he shot a bicycle lock that Lopez was brandishing. and that he thought the wall behind Lopez was pushing against the outside. A brick wall that blocks the police from firing. In fact, this area contained the women’s changing rooms.

In a report to the Police Commission last month, Moore said a majority of the Use of Forces Review Board said Jones said, “This is an aggressive shooter scenario, and that when he is attacked, he will be objective.” It was too focused on his belief that the assessment could not have been carried out.” Arrived on site. ”

Officers “inaccurately assessed the imminent threat of death or serious injury” when Elena Lopez fired three consecutive shots, and had to reassess the situation after the first shot.

According to a lawsuit filed by the family, one of the bullets pierced the locker room wall and fatally struck the teenage girl.

The family’s lawsuit alleges that the LAPD failed to properly train and supervise response officers, “creating an enabling and permissive environment for this shooting to occur.”

Jones also killed Elena Lopez. His autopsy report said he was taking methamphetamine at the time of his death.

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