Los Angeles Just Elected a Liberal D.A. He’s Already Facing a Recall Effort.

Under Mr. Gascon’s predecessor, Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles maintained a more punitive approach to crime, sending people to state prisons four times more often than in San Francisco in recent years.

Gascon, who won the office by a large margin from Lacy in November, often talks about finding himself as an officer trapping black men for generations in the same family. Over time, his view of crime and punishment changed, and he believed it was his job as a district attorney to undo the damage at the time, especially for the black and Latino communities in Los Angeles. Said that.

“I’ve been annoying me back then,” he said in his inaugural address about his time as an officer.

Mr. Gascon data This shows that long sentences increase recidivism and thus reduce public safety. This is a direct counter-argument to those who support the recall in the name of public safety. He believes that most people, especially those convicted of violent crimes, especially those who committed crimes when they were young, deserve a second chance. He also promised to do more to hold the police accountable for the shooting on duty and is considering an old case in which Lacy refused to prosecute.

Gascon said his office carefully considered whether a person was suitable for release because he was an elderly or model inmate, and those who were still believed to be dangerous to the public were early. Said he would not be released. And the judge and the parole committee will have the final say.

Three months after taking office, prosecutors have eliminated many so-called enhancements, such as crimes and special situations such as the use of guns in gangsters, about 8,000 compared to the same period a year ago. I’m looking for a younger sentence. Affiliation or former felony under the “three-strikes law” is a pillar of the fight against crimes of the previous era and may add years to the sentence.

The elimination of the enhancement caused the most anger from his own prosecutor, who probably formed the country’s largest office.A judge was issued as a result of a proceeding filed by the Los Angeles District Attorneys Association. Judgment mainly in favor of unionsIn most active cases underway before Mr. Gascon took office, he said he could not order prosecutors to eliminate the enhancement.

Richard Sevalos, a longtime deputy district attorney prosecuting the gang case, has been ordered by the new administration to remove the gang reinforcements in a case accused of stabbing a transgender woman by a member of the MS-13 gang. McArthur Park said he was indignant at the time. Before finishing the race in 2020, he temporarily ran for the top job and supported Mr. Gascon.

Los Angeles Just Elected a Liberal D.A. He’s Already Facing a Recall Effort. Source link Los Angeles Just Elected a Liberal D.A. He’s Already Facing a Recall Effort.

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