Loren Brovarnik Explains Why She Got Pregnant with Baby #3 So Quickly

Timing is everything!

On mother’s day Loren Brovarnik revealed she was pregnant with baby # 3.

While people are happy for her and Alexei, some are amazed that she is already expecting another child.

The announcement came less than nine months after Baby Asher was born. How did it happen?

Shai is two years old. Asher is 8 months old.

They will both soon be big brothers, as Loren’s number is already this fall.

But given that BabyB is only born a year after Asher and how soon after Shai’s couple had Asher, fans have questions.

Apparently most people are too polite to ask Loren directly why he makes Brovarniks.

But … apparently some have asked him directly, including on social media Q&A.

This week, Loren took the answer to this invasive (but understandable) question in her Instagram stories.

So how exactly did Loren get pregnant with baby 3 so short after receiving baby Asher?

“When a man loves a woman and a woman a man and tequila is involved, things happen,” he replied.

He’s joking. Honestly, it’s pretty polite to him that he answered at all. It is an absurd question to ask directly.

While we doubt the role of tequila, Loren means she and Alex just got pregnant.

This echoes her earliest statements about pregnancy when she announced her announcement.

She told several outlets at the time that it was a “surprise” that she was already pregnant again.

Loren’s silly, patronizing response basically just means that she and Alexei probably didn’t use contraception but didn’t expect to get pregnant again so soon.

While financial stability is rare these days, some couples only get pregnant every time they get pregnant until they have as many children as they plan.

As for these plans, Loren has addressed this issue in the past.

Alexei had apparently expressed his desire for “four” children.

Loren’s answer had been that only if their third pregnancy led to twins.

Although they do not yet know the expected gender of their baby (and save this information for the birth of BabyB), they are presumably currently expecting only one baby.

For some parents – for many, the experience is actually simple.

Having two young children is more than twice as much as having one child, because suddenly new worries, problems and problems arise.

Getting three means even more – and also the reality that their offspring is “smaller in number”.

Some families have four or more children.

While some parents joke that this is simply because a “lack of sleep” robbed them of their senses, it can also be intentional.

In some families, there is an ideology behind the quest for reproduction, such as white domination or Christian dominionism, or, less directly, disbelief in prevention.

Maybe that’s why (not the stuff of Christian dominionism, but the more vague ideological stuff) people asked.

It’s also possible that some fans wondered if Loren and Alexei felt they had a deadline.

Some families choose to have children sooner or later to achieve certain goals, including stopping having children so that the other party can undergo medically necessary surgery, which also makes them infertile.

Loren and Alexei make it clear that it is not so deep.

They had their bones removed, Loren got pregnant and they welcome baby # 3 this fall.

Sometimes the simplest explanation is correct.

Loren Brovarnik Explains Why She Got Pregnant with Baby #3 So Quickly Source link Loren Brovarnik Explains Why She Got Pregnant with Baby #3 So Quickly

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