Loon Recall Candidate Larry Elder Faces Gun and Abuse Charges from Ex-Fiancee

Larry Elder, the host of the AM radio talk show leading polls among Republican recall candidates, faces his original allegations, including gun threats, exploitative twists, and many marijuana. I am.

NS Gavin Newsom Recall Just becoming a stranger Caitlyn Jenner It’s starting to look like one of the Republicans on the ballot.AM Talk Radio Shock Jock named Larry Elder Lead Republicans in polls, This is not surprising. Declaration without hinges.. However, the target was placed on the back of the politician in the first place, and the enemy is now throwing dirty laundry at the elder.

The dirty laundry comes from Politico in an interview with an elder’s former fiancée. Threatened her with a gun loaded while high For marijuana.But the report also evokes Hugh Hefner, Heidi Fleiss, and Snoop Dogg, all about the story of horrific abuse from candidates who already have some problems. Neanderthal views on women..

Former fiancé Alexandra Datig is also his former radio producer who says the gun incident occurred in 2015. A .45 caliber pistol “he checked if it was loaded — while I was talking,” she said.

As a less deadly, simple and eerie aspect, Politico also had her tattooed a “girl in a rally” on her hips, displayed her nude photos tattooed inside the family, and signed her. He added that he forced him to do so. NDA agreement on those relationships. Politico said he saw both the NDA and the photo.

The elder’s camp is likely to come to Datig with a personal attack, and she is vulnerable there.She was a notorious sex worker Heidi Fleiss stables in the early 90’sHowever, he is also the main informant who helped defeat the milling cutter. Dating Twitter accounts are a fairly partisan feed, as you can see in the tweet above asking Elder to be released from NDAs, and often advertise the campaign of Kevin Fallconner, Elder’s recall partner. Elder’s campaign has not yet commented on the claim, but Datig’s voice support for Fallconner could be used to undermine the credibility of the claim.

And to cast more gossip, she also says the elder was recording the show on the radio wearing only Hugh Hefner’s robe. She showed Politico a video in which the elder claimed that Snoop Dogg “I introduced him to evil weeds.” .. “

It seems unbelievable that the host of a conservative talk show introduced Snoop Dogg to marijuana, but we deviate.

If this is a dirty campaign, it’s more likely to come from the Republican rival Kevin Faulconer’s camp than Gavin Newsom. Faulconer can benefit more by knocking down the Elder than Newsom, as Newsom needs to maintain 50% of the votes. However, the optics here help Newsom and with a wide range of brushes that are tramper-type with maturity issues, can give a more terrifying tactic to paint with all of Recall’s opponents. ..

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Image: @larryelder Via Twitter

Loon Recall Candidate Larry Elder Faces Gun and Abuse Charges from Ex-Fiancee Source link Loon Recall Candidate Larry Elder Faces Gun and Abuse Charges from Ex-Fiancee

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