Long Beach to consider how it can better communicate homelessness efforts – Press Telegram

The city council approved some homeless issues this week, but called on Long Beach officials to invest more money to better communicate the issues to the population.

A few council members said at this week’s meeting that they were dissatisfied with the lack of a central figure in the city that residents could point out when asking about homeless services, so better what Long Beach is. I asked the staff if they would consider spending money to tell. I’m doing it to deal with the homeless.

And many residents don’t know how the money is actually being spent, they said.

“In the field of social media, we need to use resources to educate people,” councilor Susie Price said at the conference.

Mayor Robert Garcia agreed.

“Communication needs to be positive,” he said, “not passive.”

The conversation centered around the $ 5.2 million Major H Fund, which the Council resolved to accept from Los Angeles County.

The staff’s report said the funds would fund the city’s ongoing efforts to prevent homelessness and quickly re-detain residents. It will also fund outreach coordination and emergency housing to help the city strengthen its coordinated immigration system. This makes it easier for providers to work to provide resources to those who need it.

However, Major H’s funds cannot be used to fund new communication strategies, said Kelly Coropy, director of the city’s Health and Welfare Department.

The money and grants that Long Beach receives are often directed to housing, said Mayor Tom Monica. However, city officials are looking for better ways to communicate the problem.

The January council will discuss how the city can better communicate its efforts to deal with the homeless.

The city also approved the rental of shelters this winter on Tuesday, December 7. The winter shelter is already in operation at 1718-1722 Hayes Ave., not far from the Long Beach Multi Service Center, providing a place to sleep, twice-daily meals and showers.

“I saw the benefits being done at this shelter and understood the important work,” city council member Al Austin said at the meeting.

Staff have reported that this is the second shelter at this location since it stinted in 2019. Winter shelters have been developed for affordable housing and will no longer be held at the North Branch Library.

The shelter is open until March 31st.

City officials report that people staying there homeless are provided with other services such as health and housing by the providers of the Volunteers of America, Los Angeles, a homeless service organization that has a contract with the Homeless Service Department in Los Angeles. You can connect to.

However, shelters do not allow walk-ups. According to the LAHSA website, you must first call 2-1-1 to check bed availability to access the shelter. Transportation is by bus at the Long Beach Multi Service Center, 1301 W. 12th St., Jennifer Rice Epstein, a spokeswoman for the Long Beach Health Department, said in a recent interview.

The council on Tuesday also agreed to study what a clean park toilet program would look like throughout the city. This item is related to the homeless, but focuses primarily on quality of life issues throughout the city.

Residents reported to the city that homeless people were sleeping in the park’s toilets, and in some cases needles and human dung were scattered.

The item was brought by councilor Stacy Mango, who said some parents chose not to go to a particular park due to the condition of the bathroom.

“When you have a small child, it’s important to use the toilet regularly,” she said.

To keep the toilet open and clean, city officials have suggested considering a clean toilet program.

Long Beach to consider how it can better communicate homelessness efforts – Press Telegram Source link Long Beach to consider how it can better communicate homelessness efforts – Press Telegram

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