Long Beach Poly football wins 20th CIF-SS championship in school history – Press Telegram

LACAÑADA >> This is the toughest test of the football playoffs in the CIF Southern section of Long Beach Poly, and Jack Rabbit wouldn’t have wanted it otherwise.

However, Pori was able to run nearly 400 yards on the way to 38-7 against St. Francis in the CIF-SS Division 4 Championship Game on Saturday night.

With this victory, Pori won the 20th CIF-SS Soccer Championship in school history. It has been a program since 2012.

“The mission remains the same,” said Stephen Barbie, coach of Long Beach Poly. “It’s not who we play, but how we play.”

“It feels good to win. It’s a blessing because I haven’t won for a long time,” said Polyjunior Devin Sample, who finished the game with 38 carries, 220 rushyards and three touchdowns.

“All my efforts have been rewarded,” the sample added.

Poly Second Grade Safety Timmy Twiagamore began defending Jack Rabbit when he groped for his opening belongings. The ball was collected by Poly’s senior linebacker Malik Brown, with 10:20 remaining in the first quarter.

Poly took advantage of the sales from the first ownership of the attack. The sample scored in a 5-yard touchdown run, giving Poly a 7-0 lead with 8:21 remaining in the first quarter. This may not be the last time the sample has found an end zone for the Golden Knights.

Overall, Poly ran the game plan, kept the game simple, and relied on a powerful running game behind an experienced attack line.

“You can’t think too much about it. As a coach, you need to understand that you don’t have to perform a lot of plays, you need to be able to perform a play that works,” Barbie said. Said. “If they don’t adapt to something, or if they make certain types of defenses, they always play aggressively and work.

“You need to be consistent with it and be able to do them.”

St. Francis was not stopped early in the game. After going down 7-0, he took advantage of a failed tackle on a 20-yard touchdown pass from junior quarterback Jack Jacobs to senior wide receiver Dyrambel to play 7 with 6:07 remaining in the first quarter. Was drawn.

“There were some things we could improve,” Barbee said.

However, after that, everything becomes poly.

The sample finished the first half with 24 carries, 134 rushyards and 3 touchdowns, giving Poly a 21-7 lead in half time.

“I carried the team on my back, it feels great,” said the sample. “The offensive lines were great. I can’t thank them enough.”

“Our attack line did a great job from level 1 and level 2. Our two running backs, Devin Samples and Joshua Cason, were great,” Barbee added.

A sophomore running back who is also a starting linebacker, Kason finished with a rush of 133 yards and a 14-carry with a single touchdown.

2022 class

Barbie said he was very proud of his team, especially his seniors, who helped keep St. Francis at 20 yards in a hurry in the championship game.

“I played at 6am next Monday after the 2019 playoffs defeat, but I haven’t quit my job since then,” Barbie said. “We felt we had a great spring, but unfortunately those seniors (in the 2021 class) didn’t have playoffs, so they weren’t just at the dance and table, they were in a position to take. It’s great to see everything. “

The poly season lasts until December. Jackrabbits will play in the Southern California Regional Championship match next week and, if won, will advance to the State Championship on December 10-11.

“I’m excited to play soccer in this group for another week,” Barbie continued. “It’s another week to be better, run, plan for another team, and play Long Beach Polyfootball in a California regional match.”

The sample believes that winning the CIF-SS Championship is only part of the journey to win the CIF State Championship.

“The work isn’t done. There are regional and state championships to win,” he said.

Long Beach Poly football wins 20th CIF-SS championship in school history – Press Telegram Source link Long Beach Poly football wins 20th CIF-SS championship in school history – Press Telegram

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