Long Beach outlines how it could use $12 million in state funds for parks – Press Telegram

Long Beach expects to receive more than $ 12 million in state grants to improve and fund city parks after the New Year, and the city council will start preparing to accept that money next week. Will be instructed to.

The fund comes from a surplus in the state budget, According to reports from city officials, And proceed towards refurbishment and improvement of Bixby Park, El Dorado Park, Ramona Park and MacArthur Park.

NS State funding was first reported in June, When the Legislature approved the California budget for 2021-22 at the end of last year’s fiscal year.

However, a report by the staff of the council meeting on Tuesday, December 7 details what the money is heading for.

Staff reports say Bixbee Park will earn $ 850,000 at Splash Pads, water stations, basketball courts, technology centers within community recreation centers or computer labs. According to staff reports, city officials will prioritize the improvements needed by Bixbee Park.

Staff reports that El Dorado Park will receive $ 1.2 million to improve youth softball and baseball stadiums and the surrounding area, and Ramona Park will receive $ 1.5 million to fund the new playground.

MacArthur Park wins the largest chunk, $ 8.5 million.

The money will go to the MacArthur Park Vision Plan approved by the City Council in 2019.

According to the plan, MacArthur Park in District 6 surrounds historically poor areas and areas that may benefit from open spaces and improved parks.

As of 2019, about 17% of the city’s population lived in MacArthur Park and the surrounding areas of the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that it is important for residents to live near local parks. Because they encourage a healthy and active lifestyle that benefits both physical and mental health.

According to the plan, some suggestions for improving Central Long Beach Park include refurbishing the community center and creating an open grass area and a playground area. We also propose to add walking or jogging trails, picnic areas, sunshades, outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor seating and sports fields.

In June, Mayor Robert Garcia praised this funding, the efforts of Long Beach representatives to secure it, and how the upgrade would help the community.

“These are all really important projects,” he said in a statement. “It has the potential to have a lasting impact on our community.”

Long Beach outlines how it could use $12 million in state funds for parks – Press Telegram Source link Long Beach outlines how it could use $12 million in state funds for parks – Press Telegram

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