Locker room talk and optimistic press conferences –

PEORIA (KUSI) – Three days after the first spring training match on Friday, where the San Diego Padres will face the Seattle Mariners.

KUSI’s Allison Edmonds was out in the locker room this morning to pick up the indoor scoop this morning.

He said that the mood has changed drastically after Fernando Tatis Jr. announced that he will be out for several months out of season after injuring his wrist.


Spring Workout Day: Padre season, training updates and season prospects

The locker room opened at 7:30 and he spoke to some of the locker room players about commercial rumors this season and even to take a closer look at some of the players’ personal lives.

Edmonds spoke to Eric Hosmer about the rumors and he replied: “We are all used to the rumors, get used to the conversation. We just have to be ready to leave “, followed by” The only thing I have to prove is to my teammates “.

He had to sit down for a press conference with Peter Seidler and Erik Greupner later in the morning, where he posted on Twitter some optimism coming from the Padres headquarters.

Locker room talk and optimistic press conferences – Source link Locker room talk and optimistic press conferences –

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