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Book about Inland Empire Is a running topic in this area, but this is something we might not have expected: the entire event dedicated to them.

first time Riverside Local History Book Fair It will be held on October 3rd with the participation of about 20 artists. Each gets a table to view, sell, and sign books. (Thankfully, they also get a chair.)

As the flyer brags: “You can choose from dozens of local history books!” This pitch divides the empire into two types of people. One is a person whose heart beats a little faster, and the other is a person whose heart beats a little slower.

Even in the latter group, you can find out the names of the participants just by reading this newspaper. inside that: Kim Jarrell Johnson When Steve Letch, Back in the Day Trade off the description in the history column. Retired PE columnist Dan Bernstein; And you’re really just tired.

Two other participants appeared in my column in 2021. History of the Korean community on the riverside, And Lorna Jenkins, Founder of Explore Riverside Together..

Other writers to appear include Barbara Barnes, Larry Barnes, Michael Elderman, Vince and Kate Moses, George Harwood Phillips, Frank Turley, Cliff Trafzer and Glen Wensel. Mount Rubidoux expert Wenzel talks about some of the prominent people who climbed it from his new book, “They climbed the mountain.”

His talk begins at 1 pm and the book fair will take place from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Crown of Life Lutheran Church on Magnolia Avenue 5939 on the riverside. Participation is free.

NS Riverside Historical Association Is a sponsor and its president, Lech, is the organizer. He said in a recent conversation that this was his first fair, but if it succeeds there will be many more. (If it fails, we will never talk about it again.)

Now, a more personal note. Columnists are charged the highest amount because the authors are listed in alphabetical order on the leaflets. This is a bit ironic, as none of my three books mention riverside. But, thanks to being published in a Riverside County newspaper and being the author, I apparently qualify. I am happy to be included.

If you don’t want my book and who can blame you, there is no obligation. But if you like my column, stop by purely to share your fist and say hello.

For one thing, it will be my first public place in 18 months and my first public place in Riverside County. For another, it’s great to meet some PE readers. And while you’re there, maybe you want books from other authors. After all, you could “choose from dozens of local history books” — and as a hint, Christmas is coming.

If you can’t stand my column, I welcome you to say hello too. Please do not stay long.

Illuminated in the desert

In the literary-oriented Morongo Basin community of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and Twenty Nine Palms, they Joy Harjo“American Sunrise”, and it begins in a big way.

Harujo, a poet laureate in the United States and living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be there directly without zooming to read her book and discuss the subject. By the way, she was the first Native American to become our poet laureate.

The event will take place on Tuesday at 6 pm at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, 59700 Twenty Nine Palms Highway.Registration is required at BigReadMorongoBasin.com/events The number of seats is limited.

This page also has a schedule of related big lead events until October 28th. Includes discussions, readings, art exhibitions, theatrical productions, and screenings of the indigenous documentary “The Indians That Shaken the Rumble Music World.” And “Warrior Woman”. Big lead style tycoon thanks reader Mike Bale for providing me with information.

Shell game

Bite-sized fair, Placeholder event before LA County Fair Moved to May 2022, Ends today. I didn’t find anything unusual, but there are always many at full-scale trade fairs. For example, in 1955, Frisbee’s prototype Pluto Platter was demonstrated in the astonishing Fair Gore.

Reader Don J learned about another unusual past product in a reasonably random way. He read the 2007 book of Manson’s prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi. “Regaining History: Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

According to Bugliocy, Jack Ruby, the owner of a future nightclub that shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, said, “In 1936, for a short time … I bought a small turtle, painted my back and sold it at a trade fair in Pomona, California. “.

People like to say it on social media, so I’ll leave it as it is.


Did you see the Dodgers’ September 15 home game temporarily interrupted by three fans rushing to the field with a banner? At Fernando Mania’s 40th Anniversary Ceremony, they wanted to remind everyone of the expulsion of Chavezlavin’s family through the hashtags #Bishop, #LaLoma, and #PaloVerde to give way to Dodger Stadium. I thought.of Interviews with all three protesters, Times columnist Gustavo Arellano happened to confirm my business philosophy that everything has an inland empire angle. One of them, Wendy Lujan, is from the highlands.

David Allen writes for further protests on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Like davidallencolumnist on Facebook, send an email to dallen @ scng.com, call 909-483-9339 and follow @ davidallen909 on Twitter.

Local history is theme of book fair in Riverside, with authors present – San Bernardino Sun Source link Local history is theme of book fair in Riverside, with authors present – San Bernardino Sun

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