Local GOP lawmakers criticize Legislature-approved state budget

The state legislature approved the budget on Monday, just before the deadline on Tuesday, and sent the budget to Governor Gavin Newsom.

Three Republicans representing parts of the Santa Clarita Valley voted against the budget bill, Act of Parliament 128.

“This is a fake budget to meet the state’s constitutional deadline of June 15,” Senator Scott Wilk of R-Santa Clarita said in an email statement. “(Governor Gavin Newsom) proposed last month all band-aids and acquisitions that would invest in his own political future, not California.”

Wilk said Democrats’ proposal on Monday was far less than the governor’s proposed budget.

“It has grown the government and ignored the solution to the real problems facing Californians — affordable prices, increased crime, and an unabated homelessness,” he said.

Congressman Suzette Validares, R-Santa Clarita, said the approved budget was “not close” to “(correctly) doing it right.”

“There are some good things about the budget, but we need to do more to get the support Californians need. Rapidly increasing living cost savings, affordable housing and medical access and access. Ease of effort and improvements, and many workers aren’t getting the benefits they’ve made, “she wrote in an email statement.

R-Palmdale Rep. Tom Lackey said the state “is spending more money each year at an unsustainable rate.”

“After withdrawing nearly $ 8 billion in anticipation of a budget deficit that never happened, we can’t fully replenish our state savings accounts,” he said.

The state legislature’s budget included $ 4 million, Lucky’s proposal to create a grant program for law enforcement agencies.

“I’m grateful for the increased backlog of the sexual assault proof kit,” Lucky said. “My $ 4 million request to help process these kits will ultimately bring justice to survivors of sexual assault.”

Senator Henry Stern, the office of D-Calabasas, did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication.

Local GOP lawmakers criticize Legislature-approved state budget Source link Local GOP lawmakers criticize Legislature-approved state budget

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