Local authorities patrol for illegal fireworks in Elk Grove | News

July 4 is expected to be the busiest night for Elk Grove police officers and Cosumnes firefighters this year as numerous illegal fireworks are expected to explode around the city tonight. It is also a time when fire hazards arise from improperly arranged legal fireworks.

Throughout Independence Day season, Elk Grove police will patrol for illegal fireworks activity and issue subpoenas for crimes. Fines can range from $ 500 to $ 1,000, depending on the fireworks used or the damage caused. Fireworks are considered illegal in California if they did not show the seal of approval of the Chief of Fire Department.

Elk Grove police spokesman Sergeant. Jason Jimenez said authorities want residents to be patient with the police response during a time when they receive a large volume of emergency calls.

“We hear the frustrations year after year,” he said. “We are continuously evaluating how we have improved and mitigated the problem of illegal fireworks.”

Jimenez noted that officers will patrol “hot spots” or neighborhoods where many calls have been reported about illegal fireworks. They will also deploy drone cameras to quickly see those areas.

“It may seem easy for people to believe that when they see fireworks in the air, officers can easily identify the areas where they come from,” Jimenez said. “It’s not usually the case: often, when the agents are at the scene, (the offenders) are already done.”

Drones are intended to reduce police response time and increase the likelihood of identifying suspects.

Jimenez mentioned that officers may issue subpoenas later after investigating the location of the suspected illegal fireworks activity.

As in past years, Cosumnes Fire staff will assist the police in their police campaign.

“Our role is usually to assist law enforcement in identifying illegal fireworks and handling confiscated material,” Cosumnes fire chief Lantz Rey said.

Residents who want to report illegal fireworks in their neighborhood can call the Elk Grove police emergency number at (916) 714-5115 or email. fireworks@elkgrovepd.org. Jimenez said if they see a life-threatening situation, they should call an emergency call on 911.

Local authorities patrol for illegal fireworks in Elk Grove | News Source link Local authorities patrol for illegal fireworks in Elk Grove | News

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