Local artists receive grant funding | News

Artists from Fontana and Bloomington recently received grant funding from the San Bernardino County Arts Connection.

Adriana Martinez of Fontana, an art teacher and art advocate in the community, was awarded a $ 500 prize.

She started a Sketching Club as a tool to promote creativity through sketching exercises for mental health purposes.

Now she will use the award to bring monthly art activities to the San Bernardino promenade.

In addition, Bloomington resident Ana Carlos, an elementary school teacher for the past 18 years, received a $ 1,000 prize.

Carlos will use her grant to fund an art gallery to display photographs of the unique and rustic farm life in Bloomington. At the end of the event, there will be a celebration that consists of a community gathering for free food and screen printing.

A total of 24 artists from San Bernardino County received $ 16,000 in funding this year.

The Innovative Arts Micro Grant Program is an Arts Connection initiative, launched in 2019 as a local response to the lack of funding opportunities offered to support innovative work happening across the county by the artist community.

The grants, funded by local individuals, will help artists still recovering from the impact of COVID-19, which has devastated the local art community. In a California Arts Council 2020 report on the impact on art, more than 85 percent of respondents reported being canceled and / or deferred from work, with an estimated income loss of $ 23,857 per person.

Arts Connection is a state-local partner with the California Arts Council.

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Local artists receive grant funding | News Source link Local artists receive grant funding | News

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