Live news updates: Covid-19 outbreak spreads in eastern Chinese province

Welcome to Independence Week. The Great – the 1776 celebration and all that – kicks off across the U.S. on Monday. But from Algeria to Venezuela, Argentina to southern Sudan, secession from former colonial powers is a strong theme – and a source of holidays around the world – for the next seven days.

However, for those of us trying to get into work (or keep going), this is not going to be a week of celebrations.

French railway workers will go on strike on Wednesday, days before the start of school holidays in the country.

Then there is the rolling drama of the British summer of dissatisfaction. Lawyers in England and Wales will resume “tomorrowUnprofitable crime for lawyers“Strike. On Tuesday, they will be joined by the banking regulators at the Financial Conduct Authority – represented by United – who are coming out (again) contrary to their latest wage offer. Moreover, the range of workers taking action is growing. Also, on Tuesday, Whirlpool washing machine manufacturers will be selected To strike because of what union leaders called an “insulting” wage offer.

This seems like a good point to mention that the Financial Times is conducting a survey on reducing the cost of living – how do you deal with higher prices? To take part, click Here.

Following last week’s NATO summit in Madrid, the focus of Western efforts trying to help Ukraine this week will shift to Lugano in Switzerland. Ukraine’s recovery conference is the latest in a series of high-level political meetings first held in London in 2017, originally to discuss The invasion of Russia gave a new impetus to such support.

Is there anything that will ease the mood? Well, the summer season has begun – and by that I mean the FT Live summer season of provocative conversations and gatherings. This Thursday’s event, taking advantage of a disruption to create business opportunities, is free and you can do so by clicking Here.

AJ Sainsbury’s Store in London. The grocery trade update will actually be a replay of Tesco’s a few weeks ago © Neil Hall / Reuters

Economic Data

The key question right now is whether, or in some cases, when large Western economies fall into recession. This week’s business survey clutch will highlight the business owners’ areas of concern. We also took a closer look at Wednesday’s minutes of the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate meeting and the U.S. Labor Market Report on Friday.


Ahead is another week of UK-controlled corporation news in the UK. The trade update from J Sainsbury on Tuesday will actually be a Tesco rerun Two weeks ago given that it too made a strategic decision to get low prices that would reduce profits to keep customers.

Charis may be quite interesting given that the UK appliance retailer is the clear market leader, but its market value has shrunk, margins are tight and there is a sense that the plague was the company’s high watermark.

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Live news updates: Covid-19 outbreak spreads in eastern Chinese province Source link Live news updates: Covid-19 outbreak spreads in eastern Chinese province

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