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The coronavirus is undoubtedly a killer, killing nearly 4 million people worldwide and more than 3,700 in San Diego. It disrupted the economy and permanently closed thousands of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and music clubs across the United States.

Here in San Diego, club fans make the last call Bar pink, And their last coffee Lestat’s West, Also, you will never crush it again in the hippo lounge.

Melissa Adan of NBC 7 spoke with Lestat’s western managers and musicians who are saddened that the music venue will be closed due to a pandemic.

Surprisingly, the majority of live music venues survived, even though few lifelines were thrown during the pandemic. For some time, some sold take-away cocktails, but most, if not most, were sling goods. Kasbah, Development of new products to continue them.

On Tuesday, live music will come back as the state withdraws most of the restrictions on smaller clubs enacted during the pandemic if they so desire. That said, many of the larger events still have some limitations- Go here For more information.

After a 15-month shutdown during the pandemic, California will fully open its economy on June 15, including mega-events such as concerts and sporting events, but with some restrictions. Here’s what you need to know:

NBC 7 checked in to the operators of three independent music venues in San Diego to see what the post-pandemic scene would look like. Short Take: Don’t expect too early, but when you go, you don’t have to wear a mask-unless you’re vaccinated-and you have to prove yourself perfect There are only vacced or recent COVID tests. For men, the club manager said he would stand up slowly. Checks around the county show that it applies to virtually all live music spots. San Diego, please wait for a while. The music doesn’t stop, but you may have to wait another minute.

Soda bar

Co-owner, Booker: Corey Steer
First headliner: Mrs. Magician, Blacks Beach Boys and Oh, with the support of Spirit
Display date: July 16th $ 15.06

“Life was slow,” said Steer, who spent a lot of time with the dog. “For the club, it didn’t exist.”

Stier said Soda Bar overcame the pandemic with the help of grants, government loans and online merchandise sales.

For those who don’t know, it should be pointed out that Tommy Garcia, a guitarist for the icebreaker’s magician, Steadrum and the band, often makes noise for the club.

“We have a party,” Steer said. “why not?”

The club’s booker said the soda slowly popped out, waiting for government guidance to start, and the club was rented and in good financial condition with big government checks (as much as 45%). Along the way, thanks to the $ 16 billion Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Federal Relief Fund, total revenue from 2019

Stier said the summer calendar is full.

“It looks good,” Steer said. “We have booked a lot of shows and the shows we sell are selling very well, so I think the future is bright.”

Music box

Business executives: Joe Rinaldi
First headliner: With the support of Pink Floyd and Monroe
Display date: June 17th $ 19

According to Rinaldi, the music box also thawes slowly, but exits the gate faster than the soda bar.

“We have to listen to the pavement because it’s dangerous,” Rinaldi said. “No one knows if what is promised to us will actually happen. There are risks, so we are not signing big contracts or paying big deposits.

Therefore, according to Rinaldi, the club will start up relatively slowly, with a national tour once in June, followed by three tours in July and five tours in August. He said he was confident in the big activity after Labor Day. After that, the music box will host three to five national performances a week.

Still, Rinaldi said it was a solid summer.

“We also overlaid a very powerful local and regional calendar in the first two months. We have all the frameworks. There were 21 events in July, which is a big deal for us. there is.”

How huge is it? In 2019, according to Rinaldi, 26 events were booked, many of which are engrossed in big San Diego events such as Pride and Comic-Con.

So how does ticket sales look for the first show next week?

It will be sold out. “

Very up

President: Chris Gould Smith
First headliner: Support for Charlie Crockett, Jenny Dont and Spurs
Display date: Sold out on July 7 (Tickets released on July 8), $ 25

For many of us, a pandemic meant working from home, zooming meetings, and a lot of dog walks (we’re looking at you, Corey Steer) for a few lucky people. For Goldsmith and Berry Up, it meant a pivot to streaming shows.

“That means life will start again,” Goldsmith said when asked what June 15 would represent for him. “For the past 16 months, we’ve only been a video production company, but we’re finally back in the live concert business. That’s the difference between day and night.”

Like the soda bar, Berry Up will not open the door until July. Construction of Solana Beach will be completed in June and the venue will be polished for a major reopening date. And when it opens like a music box, it focuses locally for a while.

“July and August are full of local and regional favorites, mixed with some national artists,” Goldsmith said.

But looking ahead?

“September 2021 to March 2022 looks like the best six months in club history,” Goldsmith said.

Other San Diego Nightclubs

First headliner: Shattered Faith, Support from Rebel Chicks
Show date: July 17th $ 5

House of blues
First headliner: Emonite Brooklyn
Display date: August 20th $ 15

Humphrey’s Gulf Concert
First headliner: Trampled by a turtle and supported by the mountains.joy
Display date: August 17, $ 55

Observatory North Park
First headliner: Olivia O’Brien
Display date: August 31st $ 22

Park & ​​Rec
First headliner: Rock of Ages
Display date: June 18 Free

Tower bar
First headliner: Sits, Rebellion Chicks
Display date: June 26th Free

As the state reopens and society returns to “normal,” some therapists say they are seeing an increase in anxiety disorders. Here are three tips to help reduce these anxieties.

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