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Please tell me about the parking lot.

At Belmont Shore, talking about parking has been a problem for generations. In the Before Times, where business is booming and people are free to come and go in their daily lives, lack of parking is a daily occurrence.

Some may say that the shore was the victim of their own success. People from all over the town gathered at restaurants, bars, shops and services, and they came by car.

I often opposed business owners who complained about parking about squeeze “better than other options.” It has been proven too well during the coronavirus pandemic.

There is another parking problem on the shore. It is shared with other “mature” neighbors. If your house has a garage, it’s big enough to hold a Model T. Most residents use them as warehouses rather than car barns.

Then there is a small piece of land with little space between houses. If you plan to park two cars in front of your house, it’s a good idea to have a small car.

You said that the houses continue to the alley behind the store on Second Street. This also applies to Force Street and other business corridors. This is important because if street parking is not found, shoppers and employees will quickly choose a nearby parking lot.

As we carefully returned to our new routine, abandoned and ran to do something, the traffic and clerk who needed to park outside the house returned. Nowadays, there isn’t as much space as BT, at least in the corridors lined with restaurants.

Have you ever thought about the origin of the word “parklet”? This is a derivative of the parking space. Parklets occupy one or two or three parking spaces for other purposes.

Prior to the pandemic, Parklet was a quaint attempt to emphasize the need to reduce the number of cars in a fair city. There were even days when people pulled out comfort chairs to occupy the parking lot.

But in the pandemic world, a new version has arrived. Restaurant owners have been denied seating in the store due to the whimsical coronavirus regulations of the state and local governments. And it’s a rare shop where you can order completely by takeout.

However, at least in most cases, outdoor seating was allowed. In fact, the decision has a scientific basis — the coronavirus does not attach to the surroundings and infect people, but simply floats outside.

Thanks to the good weather, many restaurants already had experience eating on the patio or sidewalk. I’m still not sure who first said “let’s add a parklet”, but some worthy restaurant owners give up parking in front of the front door instead of adding a few tables. I was ready.

Several operators have stated that Parklet keeps their business alive. City officials had no problems keeping the program running smoothly. After all, they were giving out millions of federal dollars (there are some restaurant owners too). Losing revenue from one or two parking meters wasn’t a big deal.

So it wasn’t too surprising that the mayor and city council nodded happily when they were offered to leave Parklet, even after the indoor dining was fully restored. Additional seats are great for restaurants, no matter where they are.

I’m in favor of helping business owners, including restaurant owners, recover from the dire situation of the 15 months we’ve just experienced. Some of those operators are my friends and have pretty good ideas about what it takes to make a living in a restaurant.

And our government seems to be in the mood to give. I didn’t expect the day when the federal government would transfer money to my bank account without expecting any reward.

However. I always have it, right?

The parking space is part of the street. Therefore, they are public property (as well as sidewalks). And the exclusive use of public property certainly looks like a gift of public funds.

That’s why most of the parklets there are gone. I fully expect that the permit fee to keep the parklet forward will be enough or more to cover the income of the lost parking meter.

I would be happy if someone told me where those cars would park.

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