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We can ask ourselves from which point of view do we look at love? How to define love? What does love look like? Would you recognize love if you saw love or experienced love?

Love is viewed from many points of view. Love is even combined with some of the most brutal and ungodly acts, such as “I just loved him / her to death” (literally) or “I will sacrifice my child to a god I made with my mind and / or my hands and I love my god. ”

If one commits such abominable acts, it is not love that is from God. It is a distortion of what true love is. Some people may say, “Oh! I love my garden “or” I love this kind of food “or” I love my car “or” I love my house “. sexually intimate partner. “

Can you apply love equally to any of them? How about throwing away: “I love my children … I love my husband… I love my wife.” You can go on and on. You may remember these verses: “I want to know what love is. I want you to show me. ”

Solomon’s song (a poem in honor of love) offers a correction of sexual confusion and erotic excesses of our time. It gives a positive ideal of persecution, a portrait of conjugal love. It is the embodiment of what God has put into His exquisite, creative plan of love between man and woman and the promise inherent in this design of a lifelong relationship.

Solomon’s song depicts romantic love that is neither obscene nor shameful. This is a beautiful picture of what we can strive for, long for and appreciate. God knew that man and woman would be loving and romantic to one another.

Don’t you think … you must know that Jehovah Almighty God created man and woman to love one another. He is the creator! You remember that Adam and Eve were “naked in the garden and not ashamed.” (Genesis 2:25) Sex was God’s idea. It was after the disobedience of Adam and Eve that sexuality was tainted with shame and potential abuse (Genesis 3: 8-13, 21).

Solomon’s song is present in the scriptures as a reminder of married people and what to strive for if you are not married and see what true love looks like. The images of true, pious love are darkened, drastically distorted.

God does not change and will not change His decision just because you do not like what He says, or because you change your mind and decide to do what you want. Because He loves His creation, He explains and shows us through the infallible, unchanging scriptures what His ideal is and what He expects of us if we want to be with Him in eternity.

Some would say, “How can we fulfill such a high ideal?” The ideal I am talking about is sex. outside marriage between a man and a woman is not God’s plan. WHAT ?! This is true. He heard me.

Do you want to risk everything and be the most desirable place because you want to create your own rules? However, please hear this. Although you cannot live by God’s strictest rules, this is the same problem that people had in the beginning, as God proclaimed Adam and Eve did not eat from the tree in the middle of the garden.

He gave the 10 Commandments and determined that He sees evil men doing things, even from their youth, and that His creation corrupted their way on earth (Genesis 5: 5-6: 12). This made God very sad and unhappy!

He took action! He set out the 10 commandments! Let there be no other gods before Him. He sent the flood! Please listen to me about this. God is supreme. He is sovereign! He is omnipresent! He is omnipotent!

So he says, “Okay.” Do you want to do it your way? All right. “Do it your way; but just remember this – I am the great one I am. I will have the floor for all things. And you keep doing what you want; but I will take action. “(He allowed the COVID epidemic and caught everyone’s attention).

But in all this, Almighty God never gave up His creation. So what did He do? He said, “Since I am a God who forgives, I will send My Son, My Only Begotten Son. He will bring in the New Testament (the New Testament). He will bring with Him the love and forgiveness of sin (activity against His Father. ”(Set next week)

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Let’s Talk About Love – Part 1  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Let’s Talk About Love – Part 1  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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