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He was trying to defend himself.

It seems that a Republican “colleague” wrinkled Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow ad hominem, in one of those events, without incident, far removed from reality. which have unfortunately become the basis of this party.

Specifically, Lana Theis, also a Michigan lawmaker, sent a fundraising email with questionable grammar and malicious intent stating that McMorrow is one of those “progressive social media trolls” who can’t teach … and sexualize kindergartens. or that 8-year-olds are responsible for slavery. ”

Democrat McMorrow took the floor at the state Senate. He spoke for less than five minutes. But by the end of Tuesday morning’s lecture, Theis had done more than put himself in his place. He also gave a master class on something Democrats need to learn: fighting.

“I am,” she said, hammering every word like nails, “a righteous, white, Christian, and married mother in the suburbs.” He then used that identity, so well identified with conservatism, to declare an alliance with these discarded conservatism works, including LGBTQ and people of color.

And that’s where you’d usually find a quote from the talk. But simply transcribing McMorrow’s words would make no sense and it would be misunderstood why, as I write this, the video has 13.6 million views on Twitter. These people are not attracted to McMorrow’s eloquence, but to his unforgiving convictions, his moral clarity, his willingness to express his liberal values ​​without hesitation, and to defend them without question (see for yourself: https://twitter.com/i/status/1516601022931689475).

That is why Democrats, who have spent years defending against ad hominem nonsense, are often forgotten. It’s hard to blame. Talking about Republicans is like discussing a hail storm. While you’re pointing at the stone that hit you in the chest, the other five hit you in the head.

That’s all the GOP does today. In the absence of ideas, he throws stones. Pedophile! CRT! BLM! War Christmas! Seuss! Disney! Stop the culture! Benghazi! Death panels! Caravan! After the stupid rock.

McMorrow’s victory was to cut off the hail of stupidity, reminding us that the highest level of morality is not those who objectify and execute, but those who do not bind the tribes to the demons, the outcasts, the saviors, and the fears of fear. , who live with the “smallest of these” in their hearts, who build bridges instead of walls.

He told MSNBC that Theis had turned his back on him during the speech. Later, Theis wrote a tweet: “Sen. McMorrow is not naive about politics and fundraising. the reason. That was the effective measure of his response. When challenged to go to high places, Theis had nothing.

One expects McMorrow’s party to consider it. One of their problems (there are many) is that Democrats communicate their values ​​with the natural ease with which a giraffe performs ballet while clinging to the rocks.

McMorrow found one or two stones. More importantly, he found an effective way to express his values. In a word: without fear. Democrats can do worse than imitate him. In all social matters, they possess a high moral standard.

Republicans will have to be challenged to scale.

Leonard Pitts Jr. He is a columnist for the Miami Herald. Readers can contact him by email lpitts@miamiherald.com.

LEONARD PITTS: Democrats should challenge Republicans to climb | Opinion Source link LEONARD PITTS: Democrats should challenge Republicans to climb | Opinion

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