Leon Coffee: 40 years of bullfighting

HOUSTON, Texas – Rodeo legend Leon Coffee knows how to entertain the crowd. For more than 40 years, the bullfighting clown painted his face and laughed a lot on rodeos across the country. But despite the makeup and silly costume, being a rodeo clown is no joke. It’s really one of the most dangerous jobs in the world!

“I’m not afraid of these bulls. I have a healthy respect for their ability to hurt me,” Coffee said. “But I also have a very healthy respect for my ability to surround them. You look at this bull and you go, okay, it’s a big game, let’s see who gets there first. You know, these bulls run 40 miles an hour and The fastest man in the world can only run 30. And I’m not that! “

Coffee has been a rodeo clown since the early 1970s. He first rode bulls as a child, then started high school bullfighting and started playing in large rodeos across the country. He estimates that he plays 35 to 40 rodeos a year.

“It became an obsession,” he said. “And I’re an adrenaline junkie. I like to live on the edge and that ‘s as close as you can get. You do not know what the bulls will do, how they will do it. But you know what you have to do. You have to realize you’re out there. for the protection of the bull rider “.

After dozens of injuries and even some near-fatal experiences over the years, Coffee operates as a rodeo barrel. He is also a ProRodeo Hall of Fame entrant and was named Clown of the Year at the PRCA in 1983, among many other accolades.

“To be a part of it and still be here right now, I am blessed in more ways than you can ever imagine,” he said. “Not everyone can stay in this business. You have to have this ardent longing to do it.”

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