Leo Season Hair Inspiration: How to Style the Ultimate Bombshell Blowout

Want to make a lion costume yourself? It’s easier than it looks, says a New York City hairstylist Dan Williams. Simply start clean wet hair and Prepare your thread thermal protection, such as Redken’s Quick Blowout Spray. “It cuts your drying time in half and provides light conditioning with 450-degree heat protection,” he says.

Next, apply a generous amount volumizing mousse, more celebrity hairdresser Jennifer Yepez. “Don’t be afraid of mousse – it’s amazing to help get that bouncy, bouncy look,” she emphasizes, suggesting Dove’s Volume & Fullness Mousse for the job.

Dove Volume & Fullness Mousse

Redken Quick Blowout heat protection spray

Once your hair is prepped and protected, divide the locks into 2 inch sections and blow dry each section. A regular hair dryer and round brush are fine for the job, though Williams personally recommends a hot brush or formatting tool like Dyson AirWrap if you really want to master the aesthetics of bombing. As for the technology? “Cut the hair starting at the back and work your way up the head,” she says, making sure to point the hair out, up, and away from the face to ensure proper root lift.

Next, you’ll want to pin each section after blow-drying to secure the shape of the hair, Yepez explains. If you want maximum volume though, he strongly suggests the old school velcro rolls.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

Allow the hair to cool for at least three minutes. Release and then brush through each section to spread dry shampoo at the root to increase the volume. “[Dry shampoo] is the real key to making sure the blowout lasts,” Yepez says, adding that you can maintain the blowout with dry shampoo for several days.

Finally, lock in the style with a versatile texturizing spray. Et voilà, you are ready for Leo season.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

The best drugstore dry shampoo

The most used product in my series is Dove Dry Shampoo. My trick is to coat all my brushes in it. Then when I brush someone’s hair, it absorbs the oil and adds tons of volume. When I heard that Dove was launching a fragrance-free version, I was even more excited because some people are sensitive to scented products. A real win-win! -CH

Leo Season Hair Inspiration: How to Style the Ultimate Bombshell Blowout Source link Leo Season Hair Inspiration: How to Style the Ultimate Bombshell Blowout

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