Lemon water won’t detox or energize you, but it may affect your body in other ways

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If you believe in anecdotes onlineDrinking warm water along with lemon juice eliminates toxins, energy and relaxation.

Water and lemon juice themselves are safe. But if you combine them, are they healthier? The quick answer is, no!

He can drink lemon water do you have any permanent defects? It’s hard.

It contains vitamin C, but do you need more?

Lemon juice contains vitamin C, an essential nutrient. We have long known that vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy. This situation is associated with marine workers in history who have not had access to fresh fruit and vegetables during their long journeys.

Recently, we have seen lower levels of vitamin C in Australia, for example in obese people hospital same to you call for surgery. But this does not represent vitamin C levels in the community. In this group of people, the causes of their illnesses may also be influenced by vitamin C.

If vitamin C levels are low, drinking lemon juice may help. Vitamin C begin to humble yourself at 30-40 ℃, which will have a slight effect on the levels in warm lemon juice, but nothing.

If you have enough vitamin C in your diet, something as high as either vitamin C or oxalate her urine.

What else can lemon juice do?

Lemon juice may have some benefits, but research so far has mixed it up.

One finding found Cholesterol users who drank lemonade for eight weeks did not notice any change in their body. high blood pressureweight or levels of blood lipids.

However, in another studyDrinking 125mL of lemon juice with bread results in a slight reduction blood glucose levels compared to drinking tea or water with bread. IN small reading got something similar with drinking 30g lemon juice and water before eating rice.

Researchers have suggested that the acidity of lemon juice inhibits a specific enzyme in your blood (salivary amylase), which usually begins to break down starch in your mouth. So it takes a long time for starch to break down into small amounts of glucose in the intestine and transport it through the intestinal wall into your bloodstream. For diabetics, this may lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels, but it has not yet been tested.

The rest apprenticeship suggests there are some nutrients in lemon that you can use to prevent diabetes.

But it seems you can get that kind of benefit by adding lemon juice to your diet.

How about detoxing, stimulating or calming?

Your body is already dehydrated without the additional “help” of lemon juice. It breaks down many toxins or nutrients in the liver and eliminates these bacteria by going to the kidneys and going to the toilet in the urine.

There is no evidence that vitamin C contributes to this. So any claim of lemon juice detoxes you is not true. If you really need detox, you may need a liver transplant.

Does lemon juice give you energy? Apart from placebo effect i drink something you feel is good for you, the short answer is no. However, like most nutrients, if you do not have enough of them, you may feel low in energy.

Lemon juice is a soothing drink, some enjoy a warm drink, and some prefer cold. The best temperature for drinking water is the temperature at which you can drink enough water.

Is there a risk of harm?

Since lemon juice is acidic, there have been some concerns about how it can damage tooth enamel. But this is a problem for any acidic beverage, including soft drinks and oranges.

To reduce the risk of acid reflux, some dentists recommend measures including:

  • rinse your mouth with tap water after drinking lemon juice
  • chew sugar-free gum afterwards to stimulate
  • avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking lemon juice
  • drinking through straw to avoid contact with teeth.

Some doctors say that lemon juice can angry bladder and it may make some feel like they need to urinate frequently, especially at night. If so, they recommend switching to unsafe water.

However one readingwho looked at a variety of beverages including lemon juice, found no effect on bladder motility when people reduced their intake.

Others say that lemon juice does acid reflux (heart attack) worse. But this has not been tested.

Should I drink lemon juice?

If you enjoy drinking lemonade water, sha! But if you do not want to drink him, you do not miss.

You can have yours vitamin C from other citrus fruits, and other fruits and vegetables. You can also squeeze a lemon juice on your meat, salad or vegetables.


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Lemon water won’t detox or energize you, but it may affect your body in other ways Source link Lemon water won’t detox or energize you, but it may affect your body in other ways

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