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According to a new working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, reduced access to face-to-face instruction during a pandemic is associated with a significant reduction in standardized test scores.

Researchers have taken into account the test scores during the pandemic compared to the year before the pandemic, in 12 states (Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wyoming. ) Evaluated standardized test scores from back in 2015.

Their findings: “Initially, all 12 states in the sample show a significant decrease in test scores between 2020-21 and earlier years. The average decline in math is 14.2 percentage points. But in English art it’s a 6.3 percentage point. “

Researchers may have underestimated the decline due to low participation in standardized tests during the pandemic, and state officials said, “Loss of participation is common. It seems that they are disproportionately coming from a group with a low test score. “

Researchers also note that the maximum drop in test scores came from districts with less direct guidance. Unfortunately, in areas with a large black and Latino population, direct instruction tended to be less. These findings are especially tricky when trying to sort out what’s happening here in California. In California, reopening schools for direct instruction lags behind most other parts of the country.

That’s even more worrisome given the attitudes of teachers union leaders such as United Teachers Los Angeles President Cecily Miart Cruz.

“There is no loss of learning,” Myart-Cruz told a Los Angeles magazine earlier this year. “Our babies may not have learned all the multiplication tables … they know the words riots and coups.”

This is a progressive madness in California. The long-term damage to short-sighted thinking associated with face-to-face instruction has not yet been seen, but the harm has been to us for some time. Members of the school board responsible for state officials who succumb to the will of the union should be held accountable.

Learning loss from the viral pandemic – Press Telegram Source link Learning loss from the viral pandemic – Press Telegram

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