Leah Messer: I’m Sick of All the Teen Mom Drama!

If you’ve been following the income and expenses of Teen Mom 2 actors lately, you know there have been a bunch of problems between so many.

And Leah Messer simply can’t stand it anymore.

In the past, Leah has had a fair share of problems – we’ve seen her on the show to deal with drug addictionmental health problems, relationship problems, family problems …

The list goes on.

But in the last couple of years, he’s matured a lot, and he’s grown a lot from the person he was before.

Unfortunately, most other people in the series can’t say the same.

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus have hated each other for years, and their quarrel got so bad that Kailyn tried (and failed) sues Brin for defamation.

The the case was just dismissed last month and Briana had a party over the weekend to celebrate – a party attended by former actress Jenelle Evans and current actress Jade Cline because they both hate Kail as well.

Leah didn’t attend, probably because she’s always been friendly with Kailyn, even though they’ve been through the rocky mortar – more on that later.

Ashley Jones, the last remaining mother of the current actress, is also Kail’s friend, so she didn’t survive either.

It’s weird to think about the early days of the show, when all the moms could spend time together and seemed to support each other in general, because things really aren’t that way now.

And it’s easier than ever to see in a clip of this season’s meeting.

In the video, we see Dr. Drew say that Kailyn had decided to skip the recording and make a video call instead when her episode was time.

He asked Leah why he thought he made that decision, and Leah said he had no idea.

“You have no idea?” Jade asked with a rude look, and he and Briana started laughing.

Jade suggested that Kail didn’t want to show up because he can’t get along with Brianaand Briana accepted this analysis, while Leah claimed she wasn’t talking to Kail as much as before, so she’s really obscure about her thought process.

Leah began to explain that he was thinking his problems with Kailyn started because she was friendly with Briana at the Teen Mom Family Reunion special event and because she liked Briana’s post on Growth, but before she got much further, Ashley got up and walked off the stage.

“I’ll let you all talk about Kail without me because I don’t want to be in any such shit,” he told Dr. Drew, and Leah quickly agreed and also left the description.

When they were away, Briana said she told Leah they didn’t need to talk or interact at all if she thought it would hurt her friendship with Kail, but then she asked why they even talked about Kail because “she’s not even fucking here. “

He also said that when Ashley and Leah walked away when the conversation turned to Kailyyn, it seemed that Kailyn was in control of everyone.

Not a good start to a meeting, is it?

And in a long statement Leah shared with Instagram after this clip started making tours, he agreed.

He started with a disclaimer explaining that he is not going to talk about this again and that if anyone has his phone number and wants to discuss it, he should contact him directly – we assume this part is for Kailyn.

“I’m very upset about seeing the video I saw again,” he wrote. “I never thought a show designed to inspire young women would turn into other women who don’t respect each other, bully / humiliate and humiliate each other.”

“My job at a TM2 meeting or filming for MTV / Teen Mom 2 / TMFR is to get there, finish my section / scene to collect [money] and return to my children, “he continued.” This is what I will continue to do. “

“I am not ‘controlled’ by anyone or following anyone else’s example. The questions I am asked during my episodes – I will always be that 100 and answer them honestly.”

He said he can’t stand “disrespect on stage either.” ‘evil girl’ offespecially when someone being discussed is not there to defend themselves. “

“I have three GIRLS at home where women’s empowerment is something we believe in, even though you may not see it with another woman,” Leah continued.

“You never know when someone is going through something they may not be talking about. I’m always going to strengthen and support women.”

As for the situation with Kailyn, she admitted that their friendship “has been rocky” and explained that she became friends with Briana during the recording of Teen Mom Family Reunion and because they had done “therapeutic activities” and talked about their lives. coach, he “believed we all went to the same page.”

That’s why he liked Briana’s Instagram post about her own growth, but the problem was that “I didn’t know at the time that a shameful situation had happened between Briana and Kail.”

So it sounds like Kailyn saw Leah liking Briana’s messages just then he had sent him a treadmillwhich was utterly shameful, and it offended his feelings – does it make sense, right?

Leah seemed to agree and stressed, “You should know that I will not support and will never support fat shame or bullying in any way, form, or form. This caused tension and offensive feelings that will hopefully one day resolve.”

He ended his cry by saying that he is “sick and tired of being brought into this drama, that my kindness is considered a weakness, or that I am placed in a position where I should choose someone’s side.”

Because she’s such a Teen Mom 2 veteran – when Kailyn leaveshe’s the only remaining original actor – he said he knew “what the show is supposed to be about,” but that “it all takes a twisted turn and it annoys me.”

“I will continue to take care of myself and say out of the way,” he decided. “I’m going to talk about my personal life experiences and the journey you have all followed over the years. I also wish all my colleagues all the best for the future.”

Fair? Good for him.

Jade and Briana’s behavior during the reunion clip did indeed give those “nasty girl” feelings, and if Leah doesn’t want to be involved, that’s just one sign of her growing up.

Hopefully he can fix his friendship with Kailyn if it matters to him, but if he just keeps his line and does his job, we would be happy for him too.

Who would have thought that Leah would be the voice of reason in Teen Mom 2 actors?

Leah Messer: I’m Sick of All the Teen Mom Drama! Source link Leah Messer: I’m Sick of All the Teen Mom Drama!

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