Lawsuit filed after Army lieutenant is held at gunpoint, pepper-sprayed in arrest

Norfolk, Virginia (WAVY / AP) — A U.S. Army lieutenant is suing two police officers in the town of Windsor at a transportation stop. Facing execution.

In the body camera footage, Ensign Caron Nazario held his hands in the air outside the driver’s window when he said to the armed police, “Honestly, I’m afraid to go out.” One of the police officers told Nazario, “That’s right!”

The policeman then sprayed Nazario with pepper, struck his knees on his feet, and handcuffed him.

The outage occurred on the night of December after one of the two police officers said the Nazario SUV had colored windows and did not have a rear license plate. Currently, Nazario is seeking damages of at least $ 1 million, and the court is seeking to rule that two police officers have infringed his rights, including those under Article 4 of the Constitutional Amendment.

“This must be stopped,” said Jonathan Arthur, a Richmond-based lawyer in Nazario, who believes his client is a victim of police atrocities.

Requests for comment from the Windsor Town Police Chief and Town Manager were not immediately returned on Friday.

A proceeding filed in federal court in Norfolk on April 2 stated that the case occurred around 6:30 pm on December 5.

Nazario, now stationed in Fort Lee, Virginia, was traveling with his dog on a newly purchased 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe West at US460 in the town of Windsor when Officer Daniel Crocker began to stop traffic.

In a body camera video, Crocker said he couldn’t see the visible rear license plate on the Nazario SUV when he started the traffic stop. A temporary tag was displayed in the colored rear window.

According to the proceedings, after the crocker turned on the blue light on the cruiser, Nazario traveled less than a mile and slowed down until he was drawn into a BP gas station. Nazario later told the police that he wanted to stop by in a bright place.

By the time Nazario stopped at the gas station, Second Officer Joe Gutierrez had also arrived at the cruiser behind the crocker.

At that time, police officers decided to classify traffic outages as “high risk.” This is because Nazario was “escaping the police” and his SUV window shades prevented him from looking inside the police, according to reports of police crocker stops.

Both Crocker and Gutierrez got out of the car, pulled their guns, and Nazario shouted out of the car and out of the window.

Initially black, Latino, and wearing a service uniform, Nazario turned on his cell phone camera to record the incident. He placed at least one hand outside the window on his driver’s side after the police ordered him to do so several times. In the video footage provided with the complaint, Crocker said, “He does not obey.”

As police officers continued to order and approached the driver’s side window of Nazario’s vehicle, Nazario asked several times why he was being pulled. He also asked what was happening.

Gutierrez shouted to Nazario, “I stopped riding lightning.” It claims that this is an expression of execution.

Nazario stayed in the SUV with his hands outside the window. His lawyer told 10 On Your Side that he was scared and confused by the conflicting instructions from the two police officers.

Eventually, Crocker tried to open Nazario’s door while telling Nazario to “calm down.”

Gutierrez then instructed Crocker to back up and applied OC spray to Nazario’s face multiple times.

Nazario asked Gutierrez to get out of the car, so he gave some explanations and said, “I can’t breathe.” Nazario also expressed concern that his dog might be “suffocating” from the kennel behind the SUV.

Nazario finally got out of the car after receiving the OC spray. Standing out of the car, Gutierrez hit his knees, and Crocker finally helped push Nazario against the ground and handcuff it.

EMS arrived soon to manage aid to Nazario. When the officer started talking to him about the traffic outage, they asked if he had a weapon in his car.

Nazario did, and Crocker boarded a car to retrieve the gun, which claims lawyer Arthur is an illegal search.

He also said this was a time when police officers’ attitudes towards Nazario changed.

“They knew they were wrong, so if he called them on, they could ruin a man’s career,” Arthur said.

In a body camera footage, Gutierrez told Nazario that if he just obeyed, he would have “passed away.”

Gutierrez later said he had spoken to the police chief because Nazario was looking for a supervisor. Mr Gutierrez said the chief confirmed that Nazario did not have to be charged with obstructing justice and that the license plate was not displayed. Instead, he was able to make a choice of police officers waiting with him while the effect of the OC spray disappeared. At that time, when he could drive safely, he was free to go, Gutierrez said.

In a body camera footage from a crocker, Nazario said no one would choose a price.

Bottom: Gutierrez body camera footage

Bottom: Body camera footage from a crocker.

The proceedings allege that Gutierrez said the indictment could affect Nazario’s career in the Army. Arthur said that if Nazario complained about the case, it threatened retaliation.

Arthur said the rights to the Fourth Amendment of Nazario were violated when police officers used “unjustified use of force” to temporarily seize Nazario’s guns. He also said that if he complained, they violated the First Amendment by threatening Nazario’s career.

The proceedings do not require or can require disciplinary action against police officers, but Arthur said he must be accountable.

“It’s a bit hard to justify what they offer and protect after what I see in body camera footage,” Arthur said.

Proceedings and videos have also attracted the attention of local civil rights groups.

Valary Butler, chairman of the Isle of Wight branch of the NAACP, said: “We have started an investigation, and you will definitely be contacted by us later.”

National politicians and celebrities participated in this video.

Lawsuit filed after Army lieutenant is held at gunpoint, pepper-sprayed in arrest Source link Lawsuit filed after Army lieutenant is held at gunpoint, pepper-sprayed in arrest

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