Lawson Bates Opens Up About Near-Fatal Car Crash: My Fiancee Could’ve Been Killed!

At its peak, Duggars was one of the most famous reality TV families.

Not surprisingly, other networks tried to redeem America’s apparent interest in large, fundamentalist families by producing performances that were amazingly similar to Trust.

One such start-up project was Growing up Batesa series that focused on the Tennessee-based Bates clan.

The Bateses are a little less conservative – and far less controversial – than the Duggars, but they made some shocking headlines this week.

The family was almost involved in the tragedy over the weekend when 29-year-old Lawson Bates was nearly killed in a fatal car accident.

Although there were no major injuries, Lawson revealed in his statement that the accident would have had fatal consequences if the timing had been only slightly different.

“At 5.30pm on Thursday, April 21st, I was driving in Knoxville, TN to pick up my fiancé, Tiffany, from her wedding hair and makeup experiment. Suddenly, a car turning left on the main road collided with me on the passenger side,” Bates says in a statement.

“I’m so grateful I hadn’t applied for him yet because it would have been his place. Life can change so quickly, and it was quickly recalled,” he continued.

“Even though the car is completely blocked, I’m very grateful that I’m okay, and relieved that the other driver was okay too. I’m definitely grateful for God’s protection today!”

“Crew, it wasn’t my fault. I need a ride. I can’t beat them all,” Lawson explained in an Instagram video filmed just moments after the collision.

“Life is fast and it can change in an instant! Blessed that it’s just a perfect car #No Injuries,” he filmed the video.

Lawson got engaged to Tiffany Espensen already in the spring of 2021.

He asked the question when he and Tiffany – who is also his musical partner – were on holiday in Italy.

“I knew something was suspicious when Lawson became terribly mysterious with the lyrics and planning with others. However, he surprised me with this surprise!” Espensen said at the time.

“Traveling to Italy for any occasion is a dream, but especially because of the engagement.”

The news of the engagement came just weeks before UpTV announced it Growing up Bates would not return for the eleventh season.

“We are not performing Bringing Up Bates on 11 UPtv as planned, as we will focus our programs in 2022 on films and a new script series that will be released soon,” the UPtv statement reads.

“When we presented Bringing Up Bates, the series focused on parents with 19 children who were teenagers and young children. The cameras were there to record love, laughter and big moments in life as the family continued to grow,” the network said. stated.

“Thanks to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, who have welcomed viewers to your family’s home over the past ten seasons.”

The cancellation became news after the network revamped the show, and just weeks before its eleventh season premiere.

Fans suspected the decision was related Josh Duggar’s conviction for child pornographybecause the Bateses were close friends of the Duggars.

Be that as it may, Lawson and family seemed to take the news calmly.

And these days, we’re sure he’s full of gratitude as he walks away from his entire vehicle.

Lawson Bates Opens Up About Near-Fatal Car Crash: My Fiancee Could’ve Been Killed! Source link Lawson Bates Opens Up About Near-Fatal Car Crash: My Fiancee Could’ve Been Killed!

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