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Pasadena police have shown in August 2020 that they are managing an illegal rally in front of the Pasadena City Hall. Via Twitter

A highly controversial president who has led to massive protests and fears of potential public instability, whether President Donald Trump has won or whether Democrat Joe Biden has left him. Police across Southland will be more vigilant on Tuesday as the election ends voting.

There are multiple reports that the announcement of the winner may be delayed and the threat of Trump’s legal struggle has heightened anxiety across the already divided nations.

“We hope the elections are safe and everyone has a positive voting experience,” said John Perez, chief of the Pasadena Police Department. “We understand the country’s concerns about protests and demonstrations and are prepared for whatever happens if necessary.”

Police also reportedly stepped up patrols.

Throughout Southland, some business owners are also preparing, and some choose to step into windows or remove goods from stores and stores.

Police are preparing for a major event and are accustomed to it, although many local businesses did not attend on Monday, according to Pasadena spokeswoman Lisa Delderian.

“Our police station is in contact with representatives of federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies to keep up to date with local concerns,” Derderian told Pasadena Now. .. “We have a strong communication plan in case we need a public notice alert. Our city looks forward to the participation of locals in the voting process on Tuesday.”

Kroger spokesman John Botaba, owner of Ralphs and Food4Less stores, said managers in several locations in the region need to take precautions in case of escalating protests. He said he might have been told.

“We took great care to prepare carefully selected stores and take the necessary steps to protect our employees in the event of public unrest surrounding the election,” Votava told City News Service. Told.

“The city definitely has an action plan,” said Mayor Terry Tornek. “We are almost in the final stages of preparation during the pandemic, and certainly since the demonstration of social justice, we are back with George Floyd on May 25.”

Los Angeles Police Department Secretary Michel Moore said earlier this week that his department was prepared for possible anxieties.

Los Angeles Police Department chief Michel Moore said earlier this month that he was ready to respond to any concerns raised in connection with the election.

Moore said no major incidents were expected as Los Angeles does not have the same number of armed militia groups as other cities. According to Moore, the LAPD will be fully staffed during the election and will be replaced by officers to ensure a full presence.

Increased tensions have already been seen in some areas. Police in South Pasadena are investigating the battle between the two groups of demonstrators in the wake of a rally in support of President Trump and South Pasadena police on Sunday afternoon, officials said.

According to South Pasadena police officials, the incident occurred on Fair Oaks Avenue and Mission Street around 6 pm, with hundreds of people gathering early in the day to show support for Trump.The event ended by about 3 pm

Trump supporters blocked bridges and roads in New Jersey on Sunday, according to CNN footage.

In Southland’s divisions in Beverly Hills, Torrance, Lakewood issued a statement on readiness.

Beverly Hills Police Chief Dominique Rivetti said, “As election days approach, more demonstrations across the region and potential protection of activities, we are proactive in ensuring a safe community of residents, businesses and visitors. We are taking a great approach. ” Last week’s community. “From Halloween to Election Week, the Beverly Hills Police Department is on full alert throughout the residential and business districts. In addition, other law enforcement personnel and private security companies provide support. Some companies in the city , You may choose to limit your business during this period.

“… I look forward to a peaceful week ahead. Your police are ready to protect our city,” he said.

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Law enforcement agencies on increased vigilance on election days – Pasadena Now

Source link Law enforcement agencies on increased vigilance on election days – Pasadena Now

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