Law banning flavored tobacco products in City of San Diego signed into law –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria on Friday signed into law a bill that would stop the sale of aromatic tobacco in the city.

San Diego City Council Women Marnie von Wilpert and Jennifer Campbell joined San Diego School Board Commissioners on Friday to announce that the “Stop Teen Addiction to Scented E-Cigarettes” law was officially signed by Gloria.

The City Council approved the SAAFE law, introduced by von Wilpert, banning the sale of certain aromatic tobacco and nicotine products in the city. It targets flavored tobacco and nicotine products that “attract children through caramel and fruit flavors, as an attempt to hide the hardness of nicotine and as a direct effort to attract a younger audience,” von Wilpert said.

“This new law is going to save lives and protect the health of children,” he said. “Our new partnership with San Diego schools will empower parents with vital health resources, so we’re doing everything we can to prevent Big Tobacco from anchoring our kids and stealing their future.”

School board administrators Richard Barrera and Zachary Patterson teamed up with city officials at a press conference Friday morning to educate parents about the dangers of triggering nicotine addiction in teens and highlighting resources to combat nicotine use in young people.

“We are so grateful for our cooperation with the City Council and the mayor in this effort to protect our children from Big Tobacco’s predatory strategies,” Barrera said. “We will work with the city to develop a comprehensive educational program for students and parents to protect their physical and mental health from these dangerous products.”

SAAFE law makes it illegal for any retailer of tobacco or e-cigarettes to sell or distribute certain flavored tobacco products, including menthol. The decree does not apply to the sale of hookah, premium cigars or tobacco with loose leaves. In addition, tasteless or tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes will be excluded, as well as FDA-approved smoking cessation devices.

“The tobacco industry calls these caramel-flavored tobacco products, but doctors like me call it poison,” Campbell said. “Today, San Diego is celebrating a great victory against the great smoke and a great victory for the protection of our children’s health. “We stop selling these miserable products that lure our children into an addictive life and start a real partnership with local schools to take the youth steam epidemic more seriously.”

San Diego unites three states and 335 local governments, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose, by signing the law, which will take effect January 1, 2023.

“Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States – and we know Big Tobacco markets these products to young and other vulnerable communities,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “I am proud to sign the SAAFE law of Council member von Wilpert. Her work and collaboration with Council member Dr. “Jennifer Campbell will allow us to join 335 other local jurisdictions to regulate the sale of these products, protect our children and stem the tide of addiction.”

A nationwide measure to ban the sale of certain flavored tobacco products in California will be introduced to voters this November.

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Law banning flavored tobacco products in City of San Diego signed into law – Source link Law banning flavored tobacco products in City of San Diego signed into law –

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