Laundrie family files motion to dismiss Petito lawsuit

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. – The family of Brian Laundrie filed a petition to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the family of her ex-boyfriend Gabby Petito.

The lawsuit filed against Brian’s parents, Christopher and Robert, on March 10, alleges that he was deliberately inflicted with emotional distress.

Gabby’s parents, Joseph Petit and Nichole Schmidt, accuse the laundries of blocking contact with their daughter in search of her daughter.

“However [Petito’s parents] He begged Christopher and Roberta Laundrie to tell him that his daughter was alive, and if she was not there, where her remains were. [they] He refused to answer to Joseph Petitori and Nichole Schmidt, or to law enforcement, “part of the lawsuit said.

The laundresses allege that Brian was making plans to leave the country and that they were hiding what they supposedly knew about Petito’s death. “In doing so,” says the suit, “[the Laundries] he acted with malice or indifference to the rights of Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt. “

In Laundrie’s March 30 release request, the family’s attorneys argued that the couple was exercising their constitutional rights:

As a matter of fact, Laundry silence (conduct) could not be the basis for a claim for intentional emotional distress. The constitutional rights of laundries and the elements necessary for this cause of action would not change with the change of complaint. In addition, the lawsuit was filed a few months ago and the plaintiffs’ foundation claimed the seriousness that it wanted to find their daughter has been resolved. There are no more facts that would strengthen the plaintiffs’ claim.

The laundries demand that the lawsuit be filed without prejudice to the fact that the verdict is the final verdict of the lawsuit.

The dismissal prohibits the prosecutor from re-filing the allegations.

Petito drowned and was found dead; his body was left in an area near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming last year. Authorities tried to find Laundrie for questioning shortly after his body was found in the Carlton Reserve in Florida only in October 2021.

Laundrie was shot dead by her family, according to her family’s attorney and the local medical court.

In a notebook found in his remains, investigators said he admitted to Petito’s death.

Laundrie family files motion to dismiss Petito lawsuit Source link Laundrie family files motion to dismiss Petito lawsuit

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