Late Rush drummer Neil Peart’s classic sports car collection headed to auction

Los Angeles (KABC)-In the wide variety of classic cars, a relatively small number of vehicles are sometimes referred to as hobby “rock stars.” A small collection of classics owned by real rock stars is now available.

The late Neil Peart was a legendary drummer in the Rush Group. Part of his life off stage was a gratitude for the unusual and timeless sports car.

David Gooding, President of Gooding & Company’s Auction House, said:

Peart named the group of cars “Silver Surfer” after a memorable drive along PCH on a sunny day.

“And just as light reflects off the ocean, he thought it was the perfect name for a car,” Gooding said.

Interestingly, one of the cars is not silver. The vintage Shelby Cobra is finished in black. This is a pristine example and is too important to change.

Peart died of cancer in early 2020, and Santa Monica-based Gooding & Company was tasked with selling his precious car on behalf of his family. Pebble Beach Auction August 13th and 14th.

“As an adult, I was a rush fan, so when I heard that we had the opportunity to present a car, I was honored to be able to make that call,” said enthusiastic Gooding. Said.

Many Peart fans will know that he has been a motorcycle enthusiast for many years. In fact, during the years the band went on tour, he was actually traveling from city to city instead of flying. When he decided to board a collector’s car in the early 2000s, this icon in the rock world decided to start with the icon in the car world. Cars like the legendary James Bond are associated.

“He has always been passionate about cars since he was a kid and dreamed of having a DB5 Aston Martin,” says Gooding.

Piat’s beautifully restored DB5 is finished in a factory color called Silver Birch, similar to the agent driven by 007 in the 1964 movie Goldfinger.

Peart has expanded its collection with other iconic sports cars such as the ’63 Corvette split window, Jaguar E-Type and Lamborghini Miura. If you’re thinking of buying it as a souvenir, keep in mind that these are all good white classics, each worth 6-7 digits, depending on the car.

Peart is a music legend, has won almost every award possible for a drummer, and has been a lyricist for the band’s extensive song catalog for many years. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, along with other members of Rush.

Part of the tremendous heritage he has left now was the wonderful taste of the car.

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Late Rush drummer Neil Peart’s classic sports car collection headed to auction Source link Late Rush drummer Neil Peart’s classic sports car collection headed to auction

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