Larry Elder claims his own victory, of sorts – Press Telegram

regardless of A serious failure in efforts to bring back Governor Gavin Newsom On Tuesday, front-runner replacement candidate Larry Elder told Costa Mesa supporters that his campaign has the power to change the way the state operates.

“We may have lost the fight, but we have won the war,” a conservative radio host told hundreds of supporters at the Hilton Orange County ballroom. “We are now forcing them to do a better job … they are now listening in a way they have never seen before.”

The supporters remained cheerful and cheered him repeatedly, and some said he wanted the 69-year-old to play against Newsom next year. The elder was shy about this issue.

“Look forward,” he said towards the end of the 35-minute improvisational speech.

He has filed extensive complaints against the state, including housing costs, public schools, wildfires, inadequate water and electricity infrastructure, the business environment and taxes, and has held many responsibilities at Newsom’s feet.

“I can’t think of anything that this man has done in the last two years and says he deserves another day,” the elder said.

He had previously talked about the possibility of an election “Shenanigan”, but the elder did not mention election irregularities in his speech on Tuesday night.

He spent a great deal of time on racism and how the issue was exaggerated by Democrats.

“Knock if off,” said an African-American elder. “It is now judged by the content of the character, not the color of the skin.

“Systematic racism is not a problem.”

He told a black reporter about a conversation that “the number of children born without a father marrying his mother is overwhelmingly large.”

And he showed that his efforts in politics were not over.

“I am a unity. I will bring this country together.”

Larry Elder claims his own victory, of sorts – Press Telegram Source link Larry Elder claims his own victory, of sorts – Press Telegram

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