Larissa Lima: My ICE Arrest Was God Telling Me to Go Home to Brazil!

September 19th (Sat) last year, Larissa Lima was detained by ICE Hours before it’s released.

She rarely talked about the tragic encounter, but always planned to share more.

This week, Larissa talked about feeling that her worst horror had almost come true.

She had an inspiration. The self-proclaimed queen may be deported and perhaps even returned to Brazil.

Larissa Lima has shared only a handful of videos since launching the YouTube channel.

Obviously, she chooses her topic carefully.

But with the first update, about a month later, Larissa is working on an ICE arrest in 2020.

Larissa recently received two letters by email.

The first was from the immigration court.

The second was a request to check in to ICE.

“And I’m still discussing whether I should deport myself,” Larissa shared, as you can see in this clip.

“Or” she continued, “or wait [and see if] The judge said I had to leave. “

“As I said, I used to think of Eric. He’s not here,” Larissa said.

“We really want to go to another country,” Larissa announced her plans with her boyfriend again.

“We really want to spend time with my family and my kids in Brazil,” she added.

“And I’m really looking forward to something new,” Larissa said.

She’s not kidding when she expresses her willingness to embrace new changes.

Larissa recently acquired the apartment she currently lives in.

Still, she says she is happy to continue her life.

Moreover, her future is safe, as you can see in the clips we included.

Larissa states that her (very, very informative) OnlyFans is not limited to the United States.

So she can travel as needed (as many OnlyFans creators do, or before the pandemic) and still make enough money.

Larissa has repeatedly suggested in the full video that the September 19th detection was more than just a horrifying encounter.

Rather, she says she felt it was a kind of “sign”.

Whether she finally decided to move from the United States seems to be floating in the air.

Some of that may depend on Eric Nichols.

Not only did they return together after a fairly recent split, but Larissa and Eric recently caused rumors of engagement.

Congratulations-we assume-it’s going well.

Larissa may be discussing the idea of ​​temporarily leaving the United States to apply for a marriage visa a year or two later.

Of course, there is no guarantee that she will get it.

Marrying Colt made her famous, but it had multiple negative effects on her life.

Some fans are sad to hear that Larissa may leave because she fears deportation.

ICE is an organization founded by George W. Bush.

It was one of the programs he created using the horror of 9/11 as an excuse to bring about harmful changes in America.

With that in mind, escaping anxiety about ICE may seem like a terrorist win.

However, ICE should not exist as an organization, and while many of its members belong to prisons, Larissa has no grudges.

In fact, she could hardly talk about her case, but Larissa shared that the agents she interacted with were very professional.

Meanwhile, of course, Larissa critics may have Field Day.

Many trolls, whether their motives are personal, general alien exclusion, or both, have loudly demanded that Larissa return to Brazil for years.

At this point, Brazil is being attacked by COVID-19 with the worst leadership imaginable.

Jair Bolsonaro is no worse than the shameful former president Donald Trump.

His leadership is not the ideal time for Larissa to return to her home country.

I hope she will be able to come and go from Brazil and the United States as she likes in the future. She has a lot of fans here.

Larissa Lima: My ICE Arrest Was God Telling Me to Go Home to Brazil! Source link Larissa Lima: My ICE Arrest Was God Telling Me to Go Home to Brazil!

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