Larissa Lima Finally Tells All About “Date From Hell” With Corey Rathgeber!

A year and a half ago, Larissa Lima met another person 90 days fiance I snapped a selfie with the star.

That simple snap is a social media war A vicious feud that lasted for over a year..

Now Larissa is finally sharing with the world what really happened around those events.

why did Will she continue what she now calls “dating from hell” with Corey Las Gaber?

It was David and Annie who contacted Corey and Larissa.

Larissa does not given names You can (and should) see them in her long video YouTube channel..

But when she mentions a fellow cast member in Arizona … it’s David and Annie who live in Scottsdale.

When Corey visited them, they suggested that Larissa jump off to meet him.

Larissa was obsessed with not flying to Arizona, a state that was particularly dangerous for those of uncertain legal status at the time.

Fortunately, Larissa is now safer in her place of residence and promises to expand her immigrant journey at a later date.

Larissa shares that she had had only one contact with Corey before her infamous blunder in October 2019.

It was that he reached out to her after Evelyn was flooded with ridiculous and often racially motivated hatred.

Corey sought advice from Evelyn on how to deal with the bullet of hatred. And who knows better than Larissa?

Larissa adds that she isn’t really an influential tracker, even if it sounds strange to a real-life star.

She doesn’t try to make friends with others 90 days fiance Stars in the limelight.

In fact, she explains that she rarely follows other stars, or at least is selective about doing so.

Next, Larissa contacts Corey Las Gaber and remembers how she set it up because it would be a “good match.”

This happened shortly after Larissa broke up with Eric Nichols at the end of the summer of 2020-one of many farewells.

And according to Larissa, Corey insisted that he and Evelyn Villegas broke up and called her a jealous “former.”

Keep in mind that, in context, this was only a few weeks after Tell All was filmed for the Corey and Evelin seasons. Conversely..

Corey stayed in the United States for some time without Evelyn, and the condition of their relationship was highly suspicious.

In fact, the two seemed to unfollow each other on Instagram (probably blocking each other) … so Corey’s claim was very credible.

“He’s single, I was single,” Larissa recalls believing when Corey appeared in Las Vegas, where she lived at the time.

But later on, she emphasizes that she “regrets” being involved in Corey’s “net of lies.”

She didn’t want to talk about this on YouTube, but explained that the situation was “out of control.”

By the time Larissa and Corey met, she was already suspicious.

She felt something about this was “too good to be true” and wasn’t sure if she would go see him.

They ended up spending the night together as friends, and Larissa decided it would stay that way.

Larissa didn’t want to get caught up in the triangle of potential lovers with Corey and Evelyn.

The two took one infamous photo to “remember the night,” and Larissa says it was okay for Corey to share the photo.

“I think this couple should leave me alone,” Larissa expresses. “I needed to hear my voice.”

With the recent appearance of Corey and Evelin, Larissa may post this video to clarify things Love game With Discovery Plus.

There, Corey emphasized that he didn’t want to talk about it, but “nothing happened” and they just met in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Evelyn expressed that she felt betrayed to wake up to see all of it … “I hope she flies in every Botox she has.” did. It’s not cool.

Larissa Lima Finally Tells All About “Date From Hell” With Corey Rathgeber! Source link Larissa Lima Finally Tells All About “Date From Hell” With Corey Rathgeber!

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