Larissa Lima: All My Success is to Build a Better Future for My Kids!

last month, Larissa Lima marked a year after her ICE arrestNote, her trials have strengthened her.

Larissa is notorious and has become polarized. 90 days fiance And since her firing.

Now she’s working on progress and she wants to remain a success story.

Larissa also touches on a very delicate theme: her children’s theme.

For years, the subject of Larissa Lima’s children living in Brazil was at best … moving.

We all remember the difficult revelation that she has children. 90th Fiance: Happily ever?

At that time, she was still living a short-lived and unlucky marriage with Colt.

Colt knew that Larissa had a child in Brazil.

But for Debbie, who wanted her to be told earlier, it was entirely new.

We all remember Debbie’s colorful reaction to revelation.

Debbie was angry at what he wasn’t told, but at least he came to understand.

Larissa did not abandon her children.

She is in contact with them. She also did not have their custody-they are with other families.

Many months ago, Larissa touched on this painful but important topic.

She offered to pay for her children’s schooling, but shared that she was refused by their parents, the family.

Larissa has stated that she may want to discuss her children publicly, 90 days fiance Fans taught her not to mention them as much as possible.

In a much more recent post, Larissa talked about how her goal-even away-to give her children a better life.

“I’m working hard to make my dreams come true and feed my children,” she shared.

“I work 10 hours from time to time,” said Larissa, who is dedicated to creating profitable content with OnlyFans.

She explained that one of her goals is to realize her ultimate homeownership dream.

“I have the best time of my life to make money,” she shared.

“And in the near future, we will provide our children with the life I want,” Larissa emphasized.

Larissa has recently rebalanced with her on-off boyfriend Eric Nichols.

The two are co-parenting their cats and seem to be friendly and friendly, whether they are dating or not.

So … does that mean Larissa wants to be able to take her children to the United States?

At some point, that was probably her goal.

She is, of course, less direct about her goals for their future and present well-being.

It seems that Larissa’s own future is questioned.

Larissa came to the United States to marry Colt Johnson. I imagined she would spend the rest of her life with him.

Like the woman who came after her, she found that he wasn’t the man he seemed to be when he begged her.

Unfortunately, and in part, her marriage lasted only seven months, Larissa could eventually face deportation.

It’s certainly another way for Larissa to reunite with her children, but it’s almost not ideal.

Whatever Larissa really plans for the future, I hope she wants to share it with us when she knows for sure.

She has experienced many things, and we continue to enjoy following all the twists and turns of her journey.

It’s also worth mentioning that Larissa recently publicly asked TLC and Sharp Entertainment if they would be officially released from the deal.

Her goal is to resume her reality career by joining another reality network. At the very least, have the option to do so.

If the franchise takes place with her, they need to let her go. If they haven’t finished with her, they should bring her back on TV.

Larissa Lima: All My Success is to Build a Better Future for My Kids! Source link Larissa Lima: All My Success is to Build a Better Future for My Kids!

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