LAPD shoot man they allege threatened his wife and family

A Los Angeles police officer shot a man on Friday after he threatened his estranged wife and her family and swung a pistol when faced with police.

Police said the man, who was not identified by the authorities, had at least one gunshot wound and was being treated at a local hospital and is in a serious but stable condition. No one else was injured.

Police are investigating details of the shootings that took place in the parking lot between a beauty store near Van Nuys Airport and Food 4less.

“What he did exactly with the pistol that led to the shooting involving police officers is part of the investigation,” Det said. LAPD spokeswoman, Meghan Aguilar. “Detectives here watch the videos they wear, of course interview police officers, talk to witnesses they can find and identify, and look for surveillance footage.”

The shooting was the third time this year and the second time this week that LAPD police officers appealed to the suspect to fire.On Wednesday, officer Shot deadly A man allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a knife in Vermont Square. Last week, police officers shot a man they said wielded replica weapons in the alley. These cases are under investigation.

Hours after the shooting on Friday, on-site detectives were investigating whether surveillance cameras on food trucks parked at the edge of the parking lot caught the conflict.

26-year-old Danny Hernandez, who grew up in the area and drives a Mariscos Elma Zatreco Mexican Seafood Truck, said employees “thrown to the floor” when the shooting began.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said, as a police officer worked to copy a video footage of a truck within the narrow workspace of the truck, and he and his staff continued to cook. I told you. “It’s not what you see in the area. Maybe you’re back that day, but it’s not anymore.”

The Times reviewed footage from the truck’s camera. It showed a police SUV rolling in a parking lot and stopping behind a large white truck. The truck is far away, but you can see the driver opening the door and leaving. After a few seconds, people elsewhere in the parking lot appear to be hiding. You can see a woman getting out of the car and crouching behind her.

Shortly thereafter, several more police cars arrived.

According to Aguilar, the incident began around 10:40 am on Friday, when police officers from the West Valley Division of the station were called to their home on Aldia Avenue, 7300 blocks, about a mile from the shooting center.

The family of the house told police that the estranged husband of the woman who lived in the house “wielded a pistol and threatened them.”

Aguilar said police officers conducted a “quick follow-up” investigation by responding to her workplace when she learned that her estranged wife was working nearby. She said the policeman found her husband on a white truck.

The policeman ordered the man to get out of the car, Aguilar said, and “he was still armed when he got out of the car.”

According to police officers, investigators had not yet determined whether one or both of the police officers fired and whether the suspect fired. It was also unclear whether the camcorders worn by the police officers “worked, whether it worked in a timely manner, and what they meant,” Aguilar said.

The woman wasn’t working at the time, but Aguilar said the episode was a “trauma” to her and her relatives.

“I can’t imagine how terrifying the family was this morning,” she said. “And to find him here where he knows she’s working? I can only imagine what his intentions were.”

Detectives from the Military Investigation Department and the LAPD Inspector General’s Office reviewing police shootings were on the scene, and their findings will be reviewed by LAPD Chief Michel Moore and the Police Commission.

LAPD police shot dead 27 in 2020 and 26 in the previous year, the lowest total in decades. Seven of last year’s shots were deadly, and the LAPD recorded the lowest number of deadly shots in a year.Previously, it was common to LAPD police officers Shoot dozens of people every year..

Eric Lloyd, 42, got off the bus after work on Friday and found a shopping center crowded with police officers. Green evidence cones surround the white truck and the police car behind it, each with its doors still open.

“I thought they were filming a movie.” Can you make a movie? “Lloyd said. “They were.” No. This is real life. “

LAPD shoot man they allege threatened his wife and family Source link LAPD shoot man they allege threatened his wife and family

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