LAPD Chief Moore: City making sure homeless encampments don’t return to Echo Park Lake

Los Angeles Police Department (KABC)-The city is taking steps to prevent homeless camps from returning to Echo Park Lake after a major cleanup and cleanup project, says LAPD Chief Michel Moore. I will.

Earlier this year, the city wiped out hundreds of homeless people from parks around the lake and embarked on a $ 1.1 million cleanup and refurbishment project. City workers have removed nearly 40 tons of debris and hundreds of pounds of biological waste.

The lake will be open to the public in May and the surroundings will close at night.

Moore told Eyewitness News that recreation and parks, with the help of the LAPD, keep tents from returning overnight.

“It’s open now, so you can see all the communities that have access to these public spaces, and Rec and Parks don’t strictly implement night camps,” Moore said. .. “And that strict enforcement is a necessary factor for us to move forward.”

“Our entire city has very limited open spaces and very limited park spaces, and those park spaces need to be available to everyone. And overnight camps are against the law. is.”

“These facilities are not intended to support such burdens, and their ground is available to all unless the facility is designed to handle such burdens. Must be enforced so that it can be protected. “

Relation: Echo Park Lake will resume after repairs

But to be effective, other city agencies also need to offer more services.For example, he said sanitary workers need to make sure that the park is also kept clean.

“I think Echo Park’s efforts show that there is room for improvement and that Parkland can be restored for use by all community members.”

Venice Beach faces the more serious problem of homeless tents overtaking the promenade and more reports of violence involving the homeless than last year.

According to Moore, Los Angeles Police Department police have arrested more than 300 people in the last six weeks, some of whom have been arrested for violent felony and others who are camping on the promenade. There are also about 200 people.

But he said that the city’s role is not only to force crime, but to services such as housing placement where the homeless “for all of us to cooperate with what is our lifelong humanitarian crisis.” It is also said to confirm that you are doing it.

Homeless people are often arrested and return to the promenade as soon as they leave prison.

“What I need from the city council and elected leaders is the ability to improve hygiene,” Moore said. “Comprehensive cleaning, the ability to pick up tents and debris in the park, out of business hours. Therefore, there is no cycle of such individual arrests, tent abandonment, and people returning to the exact same problem. That we are all heading for a solution. “

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LAPD Chief Moore: City making sure homeless encampments don’t return to Echo Park Lake Source link LAPD Chief Moore: City making sure homeless encampments don’t return to Echo Park Lake

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