Landon Clements Blasts Kathryn Dennis Drama: She’s Ruining Southern Charm!

We are now on season 8 / Southern charmand many Actors have come and gone.

Landon Clements starred in the series from 2015 until 2017, when he walked away.

In a new interview, Landon admits that he left the show in part because of one person: Kathryn Dennis.

He’s not the only one who found that performing with Kathryn just wasn’t worth it.

Landon Clements spoke Us Weekly of his filming years Southern charm.

He admitted that many former cast members “1000 percent” broke up because of Kathryn’s drama.

“No doubt about it,” Landon commented. “Of course I did.”

Kathryn Dennis is off the wagonKathryn Dennis is off the wagon
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis mocks concerned friends and Cast members after going back to drinking.

From Landon’s point of view, Kathryn makes him everything.

“It’s just, again, this single mom thing,” she opined.

“He just manipulates everything into what he needs at that moment,” Landon said.

“Just the way he treats people, I don’t treat people,” Landon pointed out.

Describing the general mood, he added: “It was too much negativity.”

As he suggested, Landon is not the only person who has experienced this.

Kathryn Dennis learns that Thomas Ravenel knocked out another woman: LOVE!!Kathryn Dennis learns that Thomas Ravenel knocked out another woman: LOVE!!

Cameran Eubanks accused Kathryn Dennis of spreading a nasty, damaging rumor about her husband.

This affected Cameran, husband Jason Wimberly and the innocent young woman.

Cameran quickly cleared the young woman’s name in public, but it was an unpleasant incident.

Cameran Eubanks offers life adviceCameran Eubanks offers life advice
Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks is offering unsolicited life advice to her fans and followers on Instagram.

Cameran left the show, though he claimed he had already decided to leave.

“It’s unfortunate and I don’t support or encourage it,” Landon said.

“I don’t like hiding behind the fact that, ‘Well, I’m a mom,'” she added.

Kathryn Dennis in an unhappy reunionKathryn Dennis in an unhappy reunion
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis went face-to-face during the reunion special as the cast discussed her absent ex.

“So what?” Landon asked. “It means you should be a particularly good person.”

Landon reasoned that Kathryn should “do things” better because she’s a mom.

Kathryn and Landon haven’t crossed paths in years, but Landon feels “somehow forever intertwined” with her.

Southern Charm Reunion ReactionsSouthern Charm Reunion Reactions
Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo and Cameran Eubanks all visibly reacted with horror and discomfort.

Although Landon and Kathryn were cast mates, they often flirted.

There was one major source of contention: a disgraced ex Southern charm star Thomas Ravenel.

“I hate it [Kathryn] tried to manipulate that Thomas and I had a relationship,” Landon expressed.

Thomas Ravenel Mug shotThomas Ravenel Mug shot
Thomas Ravenel was arrested for assault and battery in the fall of 2018. Here’s his mug shot.

“To this day, Thomas and I have never had any kind of relationship beyond friendship,” she added.

“It just ruined our friendship,” Landon revealed.

“I didn’t feel comfortable even in his presence,” Landon shared.

Kathryn Dennis was invited to White Privilege in the Southern Charm season 7 trailerKathryn Dennis was invited to White Privilege in the Southern Charm season 7 trailer

Of course, many women think this way, with good reason.

However, Landon thinks the criminal is “kind of like a stubborn cousin”.

Meanwhile, Landon says he decided to “put my energy into myself and building my career.”

Kathryn Dennis issues a warningKathryn Dennis issues a warning
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis draws the line at criticism of her reunion with her co-stars.

“And,” he continued, “to make things happen for me.”

Landon added, “and kind of just left it all behind.”

“I pray that Kathryn finds love in her heart for herself,” Landon shaded.

Kathryn Dennis on BravoKathryn Dennis on Bravo
Kathryn Dennis is pictured here on an episode of Southern Charm, looking a little confused.

Landon admitted that he misses hanging out with some of his friends.

But wading into all that Kathryn Dennis drama… some things are too much.

It’s clear he still maintains ties to some of the cast, but staying off camera means avoiding Kathryn.

Landon Clements Blasts Kathryn Dennis Drama: She’s Ruining Southern Charm! Source link Landon Clements Blasts Kathryn Dennis Drama: She’s Ruining Southern Charm!

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