Lance Henriksen rises in Viggo Mortensen film ‘Falling’

Between them Viggo Mortensen And Lance HenriksenAlthough his acting career spanned 1995, the drama “Falling” was new to both. Mortensen, Nominated for Oscar three times, Starring, scoring and producing, making his writing and director debut. Henriksen agrees that despite about 260 credits and three Golden Globe nominations, he has never played such a dramatic showcase role. Both men had to face and understand their past, their parents, and find their way home, without telling the truth.

Did you go back to the plane from your mom’s funeral and start writing this?

Viggo Mortensen: At the funeral, I hear familiar stories, but the versions may be a little different, and there are new stories. It’s very vivid and you’re watching photos and videos. So she is very alive, even if she dies. She is still alive. Over time, it tends to disappear, as pain finds a place. Your body does it naturally.

But I didn’t want it. I wanted to remember these things. So whatever I remember, I started writing them on the plane. And I thought, “This is an interesting structure for the story.”By the time we landed, it was about this fictional family: Willis [played by Henriksen], His son John [Mortensen], His daughter Sarah [Laura Linney]..

Terry Chen, Lance Henriksen and Viggo Mortensen appear in “Falling”.

(Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

Willis is bitter and prejudiced. He is pretty hard to take. He also gets a lot of the best lines.

Mortensen: Lance made those things work for his full commitment. I even felt that I was writing, “This is pretty intense and I’m pushing it,” and then Lance chose it. It’s a very brave and elegant performance. It’s more than written. There are many layers of what Lance has given us. That’s more than I wanted.

Henriksen: There was a scene where we were fighting, really fighting — blows and so on. When I finally got it, I went around the corner to the video village, and all the crew moved there because they wanted to see it. And some were crying.

Mortensen: Men and women. Yeah, it was amazing. They were with us.

Henriksen: It has always been an emotional movie. When that happens, it gives you great hope that what we are doing is good.

This must be one of the most technically demanding and emotionally explosive roles of Reims’ long career.

Mortensen: He hesitated for a moment. He says “it will be difficult”. “It’s a lot of text, a lot of emotional twists and turns, a difficult part for any actor.” “No, that’s not all. I don’t want to get caught. acting This; I want to live it. It took decades to accept and it wasn’t bitter because I had to go to a place long ago since I moved. ”—His childhood was hard.

Henriksen: I lived longer than that, so I’m laughing about it. Art saved me. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to … At one point my mother was a drinker. She was a wild child because she came from 10 brothers and sisters. And one night, when I was five, she rushed to me because I was scared of what was happening in the house. She picked up my birth certificate, folded it in my hand, opened the door, and pushed me out. , “Now you always know who you are.” So I went out at night. It was really scary. [Henriksen has said that he returned eventually but that he “left home, really left, at 12.”]

I look back on it now … it’s part of what happened when we were making a movie. The film had thin lines like walking a tightrope, such as “forsaken,” “fixed in oblivion,” and “losing a son.”All of those feelings went through me when I said [terrible] Things to him: I have to take it off my chest, but I feel sick.

I came from a place in my life where abandonment is very large. But I forgive it all. That is, art gives you that power because you understand it.

A trailer for Viggo Mortensen’s screenplay and director debut “Falling”. Starring Mortensen and Lance Henriksen.

What comes to your mind when you think of Vigo as a director?

Henriksen: One day I came in and Viggo got the flags of all the nationalities working on the film, including England, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the United States. And they were big, like 5 feet x 4 feet. He tied together between the trailers. And because they were cold, they fluttered in the wind every minute of every day. I think that connected us. “I am grateful for this set, no matter who we are.” And he put all his family photos in the make-up trailer. Suddenly, he was the only one on the wall, and everyone started to put pictures on it. And there we had it, we all had a bond.

Vigo, do you think this process revealed what motivated you to write your first flight on an airplane?

Mortensen: Perhaps. In other words, I loved my mother and father before I wrote. But I love them even more. Even if Lance doesn’t play his father, he may have a good understanding of him in a way. I forgive his shortcomings more. Writing this story … I kept lighting the flames of my memory of feelings for my parents. And the wound is willing to heal. My father and mother were no more vivid to me.

Lance Henriksen rises in Viggo Mortensen film ‘Falling’ Source link Lance Henriksen rises in Viggo Mortensen film ‘Falling’

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