Lamborghini was going 152 mph in 55 mph zone: CA cops

The California Highway Patrol said the Lamborghini driver was pulled over after driving 152 mph at 55 mph.

California Highway Patrol Buellton

A Lamborghini driver has been ticketed for reckless driving after driving nearly three times the speed limit on a winding California road, state police said.

A blue sports car of the Italian brand has its clock stopped by the California Highway Patrol 152 miles per hour in the 55 mph zone, according to a Facebook post by Buellton’s CHP.

According to a Facebook post, “154 is a state highway, not a speed limit.

Route 154 is winding narrow highway According to KTLA, there are sharp turns through wine country between Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley.

According to KTLA, the single-lane traffic will be on a “steep uphill with ocean on one side and mountains on the other.” The other side has a blind spot and continues along Kachuma Lake.

of california state legislature Those who violate reckless driving laws can face up to 90 days in prison and fines of up to $1,000, it said.

“When the car is fast and the weather is nice, you may be tempted to ‘open,’ but save it for the track!

With holiday traffic expected, California Highway Patrol will continue to enforce “zero tolerance” and do its part for the public to keep “roads safe for all drivers,” according to a Facebook post. I urge you to

“Slow down, remove distractions, don’t drink and drive and wear your seatbelts!” said the CHP Buellton trooper.

Buellton is about 140 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Lamborghini was going 152 mph in 55 mph zone: CA cops

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