Lala Kent to Demi Lovato: Bish, You’re Just Pretending to Be Sober!

Back in July 2018, Demi Lovato suffered from overdose It almost killed them.

After recovering for a few weeks at a LA hospital, Lovato checked in for an intensive rehab program and kept them out of the public eye for the rest of the year.

When they reappeared, Demi revealed that they were completely committed to their drinking, which they had maintained for six years before their nearly deadly recurrence.

So it’s not hard to understand why some fans were shocked by the news that the singer made a conscious decision to drink weeds again and start smoking.

“”[I’m] Following the program that tells me if I slip, I’m going to die, “Demi told Glamor about their anonymous experience of alcoholism.

“A universal solution doesn’t help everyone,” continues Lovato.

“The right path for someone else doesn’t mean it’s an effective, meaningful and safe path for you …. I recommend people to make their own choices. Autonomy for me. Gender has changed my life. “

Demi shared their experience with a warning:

“I don’t want people to hear that, and I think they can just go out and have a drink or smoke a joint …. to be calm, even if you’re not ready. You shouldn’t be forced. “

“You shouldn’t be calm for others.”

(Many would argue that it can serve as a powerful motivation for people in their lives to actually be calm, but that’s another conversation.)

But even with that addendum, Lovato’s approach is likely to be dangerous to most people in recovery, so it’s not surprising that other sober celebrities are calling for them.

Vander Pump Rule Star Lala Kent has become sober In 2018 following the death of her father.

Kent, who recently had his first child, said he resisted the urge to self-medicate on the darkest days of mourning and was brilliantly candid about the clean experience.

Lara is active in AA and warns other addicts to follow Demi’s lead as someone who has first-hand experience of the power of inspiring examples.

“I don’t like to judge, but in reality I think it’s very unpleasant,” Kent said during the appearance of the “behind the velvet rope with David Youngtev” podcast.

“There are people there who are moving their hips so that they don’t get out of reality and never put themselves in a transformed state,” Lara continued.

“That is, it’s very unpleasant to say that you’re a sober person in California, or this kind of sober person.”

Kent went on to say that those who are still obsessed with mind-changing substances to clarify themselves well and for fun or to “off the edge” are not objectively calm. ..

“I was in a room with men and women who gave up everything because they didn’t pick it up,” she told the interviewer.

“If you’re drinking or smoking weeds, you’re not calm. You’re not calm.”

All addicts’ drinking is unique in some respects, but her claim that no one using recreational drugs can be categorized as strictly calm is undoubtedly correct.

And she’s not the first celebrity to complain about Demi’s seemingly profane attitude towards her own drinking.

Last month, Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino was also critical of Rovato’s comments, arguing that their commitment to cleanliness could literally be a matter of life and death.

Demi has not publicly responded to any criticisms of her comments.

We wish you all the best of luck.

Lala Kent to Demi Lovato: Bish, You’re Just Pretending to Be Sober! Source link Lala Kent to Demi Lovato: Bish, You’re Just Pretending to Be Sober!

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