LA Kings at San Jose Sharks Preview: Settling a rematch in regulation

I do not know about you, but I have not yet finished the long-awaited (but long-awaited) first victory in the NHL of Rocky goalkeeper Zak Sauchenko against Los Angeles Kings. And if you think, wait, no San Jose Sharks Just play the Kings? Well, they did, but the two will compete in their second series in a house and house series, this time in San Jose.

It will not be an easy replay for the Sharks, even with the return of defender Eric Carlson. Although they have one more win behind their belt to help boost the Sharks’ confidence, the Kings are still a formidable opponent, sitting second in the Pacific Division and winning the playoffs.

While Carlson was back in the lineup, and this morning’s training saw all four shark goalkeepers on the ice (which makes me believe that Edin Hill and James Reimer may be close to returning), not much has changed with injuries. Each of the teams since last night.

Winger Ryan Jingle has been placed on a waiver, and is likely to vacate, which will make way for some of the other strikers surrounding the lineup recently, such as Jonathan Dallen (who is also fresh from injury), or potential summonses, such as Lane Pederson, John Leonard or Jasper Weatherby. Ryan Markley has been reassigned to San Jose’s Barracuda, giving way to a possible Radim Simc lookout.

Is this a preview of Kat Pitré if we are not talking about goalkeepers?

I mentioned that all four of the Sharks’ nets were on ice for skating on Friday morning, and head coach Bob Bonner mentioned that Edin Hill feels good – so good, in fact, that he might even start a Saturday tilt against the Kings.

I’m totally in favor of baby goalkeepers, and it was a pleasure to see Svechenko advance at that level with the short NHL experience he was able to achieve. It was hard to get to the ice age, and privately, I think the Sharks should have given him more of a chance to prove he was capable, but his time with the team seems to be coming to an end.

Unless, of course, freshman Alex Stlock is the one coming down, while James Reimer continues to sit in the injured reserve to recover. With the upcoming trade date, the Sharks have given no real indication of what they plan to do with their goal games, beyond riding on Reimer and Hill, which leaves us with some questions about the future of the Sharks’ crease.

Will Carlson revive the team?

We have already seen how many sharks have struggled with goal scoring, energy conservation and defensive coverage. With Carlson’s return, the team not only gets a player who can drive an attack, energize and provide an excellent defensive sense – it also gets a vital part of the team’s chemistry back.

As a veteran actor and leader, Carlson has a huge presence in the locker room, and his return is also a return to a sense of normalcy. The return of high-impact players, like Carlson, is expected to affect ice performance, and we’ve already seen the impact he has on the lineup, a jump in early testing and preventing offensive attacks, slashing two assists against the Kings on Thursday.

The next hurdle is to see if the team builds on their success. Sure, they won in overtime last night, and although the front lines are looking to stay the same, given today’s training lines, the goalkeeper and defense may change a bit. It would be nice for the sharks to be able to close a game in regulation now.

The least favorite word of all: trading date

The trade date will reach us on March 21st. Sometimes a trade can be the best thing that will happen to a player in the long run, but equally it can be a devastating blow, especially for those with families. Regardless of the circumstances, the coming weeks are expected to be saturated with anxiety and stress for NHL players as their names are thrown into trade rumors and online speculation. Defender Jacob Middleton was surprised (and a little flattered) to hear his name in the trade rumors, but others – not so much.

It’s a hard line to walk. On the one hand, playing well all the way through (even when a team is out of the playoffs) can be a good thing, because it can endear a team to keep a player if it might be on the fence. On the other hand, it can increase a player’s trading value and the likelihood of being traded. And, for fringe players, is it better to stay with the devil you know (and the role you know you need to play) or is it better to trade for another team and have the potential to fit into their system, or find yourself relegated to the AHL if they have no place for you?

The weeks before the trading date are not easy, mentally or emotionally, that’s all I say, and although there is so much behind the scenes within management when it comes to evaluating deals, I would not be surprised if some of the trades that covert pressure made on the ice in the form of miscommunication, sloppy play And early inspection and disassembled rear check.

Bold forecast: The sharks are encouraged by Carlson’s return and finally win one in regulation.

LA Kings at San Jose Sharks Preview: Settling a rematch in regulation Source link LA Kings at San Jose Sharks Preview: Settling a rematch in regulation

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