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Two Los Angeles County supervisors complained on Tuesday, December 7, delaying the implementation of the new boundaries of the five supervisory districts expected to be set on December 15 by the Civil Subdivision Commission. ..

In response to Hilda Solis’s motion to provide configuration services according to the newly created district within 24 hours of the CRC final decision, Sheilacule has made a slower, more thoughtful transition by county residents. Insisted on providing good service.

“It doesn’t make sense to me to change it that fast,” Kuehl said. “We will adopt fine and map, but let’s make a more rational transition.”

She said some nonprofits rely on discretionary district funding that may not be respected by the new supervisor. Kuehl pointed out that it took years to build relationships with the neighboring councils, nonprofits, and other organizations that make up the structure of her district.

The Supervisory Board has no authority over the adoption of CRC maps.

“(The legislature) didn’t want us to interfere with it,” Solis said.

The CRC, which is holding a hearing on this issue on Tuesday night, will send it to the county’s registrants when it approves the final map scheduled for December 15. The board has no voting or authority to change the results.

Janice Hahn, the director who co-authored the motion of Solis, emphasized that point.

“We can’t approve, tweak, or reject it. This is out of our control,” Hahn said. “But what we can do to respect this process is to adopt the boundaries of these districts on the next business day so that we can begin to become familiar with the new districts.”

Both Solis and Hahn have expressed concern about the boundaries themselves, which have not yet been determined.

“I feel overwhelmed by what’s on the map currently presented,” said Solis, who once underestimated the once-underestimated southeastern part of LA that could be lost in the process7. Pointed out two cities.

Hahn said the process of “repeating these maps every other day,” including those that “deleted almost half of my district,” was “troublesome.”

Boundaries have historically changed every decade in response to changes in demographics reflected in census data. However, over the past few years, the county committee itself has facilitated the process and selected the final map.

County lawyer Rodrigo Castro-Silva said the previous process included transition time due to the involvement of the board of directors.

“In the past … much more in terms of what the map looks like, where the district falls, and … it gives the board a transition period to understand the composition services they are doing. There was a lead time to provide, and how they intended to do it, “Castro Silva said.

He said the board has the discretion to decide how services will be provided according to the new map under the current process. According to Castro-Silva, state law does not provide guidance in this regard.

Supervisor Holly Mitchell tried to persuade the author of the motion to accept an amendment to extend the effective date by 90 days, even if Quell said he would not resolve the concern, but was rejected.

“We are huge bureaucrats,” Mitchell said. “I don’t know how you can think that you can change this in a day. Let me talk as a former staff member. It’s not seamless, it’s not seamless.”

Despite the board’s close monitoring of the constituency change process, Mitchell said most members were surprised by the change and some had difficulty getting the services they needed. He said he believed.

She said there was no database of configuration services to support the migration and stakes in the middle of the pandemic were higher than normal.

Supervisor Kathryn Berger said he had experienced a move to change constituencies in four counties.

“It’s hard to change, but it’s a reality,” Berger said. Berger often gave an optimistic vision of how working together across the university’s board would facilitate the transition.

When Kuehl was in the legislature, he remembered that during elections, when voters were hoping for change and a new face, constituent services were shifted to the boundaries of the new district.

She made a final petition to her colleague and expressed concern about her long-term commitment and respect for the expectations of her members.

“So is it true that we can no longer fund the food in Schirmer’s Soul Gardens? That is, I don’t give money outside my district,” Kühl asked.

LA County supervisors won’t delay redistricting, prepare to quickly pivot to adopt new districts – Press Telegram Source link LA County supervisors won’t delay redistricting, prepare to quickly pivot to adopt new districts – Press Telegram

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