LA County | First Website Centralizes Services for Over 3 Million Immigrants | South Pasadena

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More than ever, immigrants who call Los Angeles County their hometown are in desperate need of resources and services to help them survive the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic collapse. In response, the LA County Immigration Service (OIA) is a new renewed consumer business agency (DCBA) that acts as an open door for 3.6 million county migrants to access information about important wraparounds. Launched the designed website. Services available to them and their families.

website, immigrants.lacounty.govHas a new interactive map-based immigration services directory. This is the first tool of its kind for the Immigration Department. With this tool, visitors can get COVID-19 testing and vaccination, healthcare, food assistance, housing assistance, legal representatives, and small and medium-sized organizations from over 200 county agencies and community-based organizations on topics and locations. You can search for important services such as corporate services. The new website also contains information on the most pressing immigration issues, including public responsibility, DACA, and evolving immigration policies.

To design the long-awaited solution, OIA US Digital Response (USDR) And that County Enterprise Geographic Information System (eGIS) team. USDR provided a team of free developers, content strategists, designers and data scientists. eGIS helps county departments develop location-based tools and analytics applications.

Rafael Carbajal, Director of DCBA, said: “We are continually looking for innovative ways to serve the people who live and work in Los Angeles County. We are proud of the county’s outstanding achievements and the non-profit collaboration between OIA, eGIS and USDR. “OIA’s new website and its service locator capabilities are tools that help improve the lives of millions of people in Los Angeles County.”

“This location-based approach helps people find services nearby. This can be difficult to achieve when looking at a list of service options,” said Los Angeles County Geographic Information. The person in charge, Dr. Stephen J. Steinberg, said. “The platform also provides OIA with an easily updateable system, so we can update our service options and locations more often to ensure the most accurate information.”

“Equity access to services and information is a common thread found in many of USDR’s efforts, and the aggressive, user-centered approach adopted by OIA is the way other agencies and governments work on similar projects. It helps to open, “says Raylene Yung. , CEO of USDR. “This partnership between LA County and USDR shows that when technology and government work together to support the community, we can accomplish influential work in weeks instead of years.”

As the pandemic broke out, the OIA identified an increasing number of inquiries about the impact of using county services on migrant status and an urgent need for resources available to migrants and their families. “OIA is a home for all migrant Angelinos to access wraparound support services available to them and their families, regardless of their migrant status,” said Rigoleys, Executive Director of OIA. “This useful website, made possible by the generosity and expertise of our partners, is the latest addition to our efforts to help them.”

LA County | First Website Centralizes Services for Over 3 Million Immigrants | South Pasadena

Source link LA County | First Website Centralizes Services for Over 3 Million Immigrants | South Pasadena

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