LA County Fair’s 2022 wacky foods include Kool Aid-flavored chicken, Cheetos soft drink – Daily Bulletin

The LA County Fair will open this weekend at Fairplex in Pomona with a bunch of wild and weird foods for sale, everything from a Kool Aid-flavored chicken sandwich to a Cheetos refreshing drink.

This is the first time the fair takes place in May. It traditionally takes place in September, after two other major Southern California fairs, the San Diego County Del Mar Fair, which opens in early June, and Panairi OC on the Costa Mesa, which opens in July.

“It’s a change of game,” said Charlie Boghosian, owner of Chicken Charlie’s, a concession to all three fairs. “Now, instead of closing the season, we open the season. People are always excited to learn what’s new, and you realize that at the beginning of the season. The LA County Fair is at the forefront now. ”

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, a full-scale LA County Fair has not been held since 2019, although there was a downsized event called Bite size fair in 2021.

Boghosian and Dominic Palmieri, also known as Midway Gourmet, said in separate phone interviews that they had two years to find exciting menus for Fairplex.

“What we have planned is everything in our power to make this fair the best ever,” said Boghosian, who is based in San Diego.

Increase the game

Chicken Charlie’s is leaning into an obsession that has gripped fast food chains over the past two years.

“As you know, Popeies and Chick-Fil-A are crazy about him Nashville style chicken sandwich“, Said Boghosian. “We’re improving that game by bringing in four or five different types of chicken sandwiches, including a Kool-Aid chicken sandwich.”

This item is made with chicken breast that is fried and dipped in syrup made with a mixture of cherry flavored drinks and served in a bun with spicy pickles.

“We tasted the grapes. It was delicious. We tried blueberry raspberry lemonade. I liked that too. We have also tried orange. “But my chicken mafia team and I, the group behind the scenes doing all the fun, all agreed that the cherry was the best.”

The other chicken sandwiches will be original; Buffalo chicken with mac and cheese; and FryBQ, made with a barbecue sauce dough and stuffed with onion rings and spicy pickles.

Boghosian is also bringing some “old but good” ones, including fried Oreos that put Charlie’s Chicken on the map 20 years ago. He is also serving Krispy Kreme Triple Decker, a cheeseburger with Krispy Kreme donuts instead of a bun and the Krispy Kreme chicken ice cream sandwich, made with a raspberry jelly.

Chicken Charlie’s has two seats on the fair ground. One is on Broadway and Oak Street, near the grandstand and will serve fried chicken. The other is on Broadway and Palm Street and will serve rotisserie chicken. He also has a burnt corn stand near the Palm Street location.

Both Chicken Charlie stands will serve special chicken sandwiches, Boghosian said.

‘All the things you like’

Phoenix-based Dominic Palmieri has a lot going on at Fairplex.

“After a two-year hiatus, we’ve innovated, tested, come up with new creations and are excited to have about seven or eight new ideas for the Los Angeles County Fair. ”

He said he is involved in 28 tribunes. The booths he owns include Biggy’s, which specializes in barbecue, and Lemonade Squeezers. Others are run by family and co-workers, including Fried A Fair and Totally Baked Cookie Joint.

Biggy’s makes great meat, like pork belly wrapped in bacon on a stick and a spicy turkey leg marinated to the bone.

This year Biggy’s is doing well in Crunchy Flamin ‘Hot Cheetoswith the wealth of marquee that is a cheeseburger.

“We found a way to squeeze Cheetos Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos on the outside of a hamburger bun with butter. And then we have a special Cheetos cheese sauce that we use inside and put whole pieces of Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, like and lettuce and tomatoes and all the things you like in a burger, “Palmier said. “It’s spicy, it’s creamy and it has a nice crack.”

Cheetos and cheese sauce will also go into chips, baked balls and a very large, crumbly pickle.

“This is the essential mixture of salt, fat and acid, the three components you need to make your tastes bounce in your mouth.”

There is also a Flamin ‘Hot Cheeto Float.

“This is probably one of the most unique food offers at the fair,” Palmieri said. “We found a way to incorporate all the flavors and spiciness of Crunchy Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos into a soda float. We use Sprite soda that gets a nice, bright red color. Coat it with whipped cream and coat it again with Cheetos Crunchy Flamin ‘Hot mince and full Cheetos as well. That way you can pass Cheeto through the whipped cream. “

“It’s a little spicy, it’s a little sweet, but it’s a lot of carnival magic.”

Other desserts include a Dole Whip taco at the Nitro Treats stand.

“This is a giant watermelon wedge pulled out of the core in the center, so you’m like a giant taco shell, and we fill it with Dole Whip ice cream,” Palmieri said. “Then we fill Taji with spices that simply lighten the watermelon and make the Dole whip liven up. Of course, we close it with a small cocktail umbrella and it comes with a kamo straw. ”

Time for mobilization

According to Boghosian, honest food vendors can not let their imagination run wild.

“Every fair should approve the items you want to sell. “If you have a new item, they should try it out and see if it’s good,” he said.

Moving the LA County Fair from September to May is not a big deal for Boghosian, who hosts only four fairs a year, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego and Fresno counties in October.

The change will have a bigger impact on Palmieri, who works at the Pima County Fair in Tuscon. It takes place in April.

“Normally we had the May break to mobilize to go to California. “We now have only a week to go to California,” he said.

“We will have the month of September to do some different projects and start work on some of the new foods that we will start at the end of next season and continue until next year.”

Both men serve more than strange foods. Boghnosian said the heart of his menu are chicken strips, fried chicken and chicken and waffles.

“Even the traditional items of the fair will be the best you can find,” said Palmieri.

“When we talk about funnel cakes and corn dogs, any of the traditional foods like caramel apples or caramel apples, we are bringing absolutely the best of the best.”

LA County Fair

When: Until May 30

Where: 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona.

Hours: 11: 00-23: 00 Thursday through Sunday.

Tickets: $ 15-25 for adults, $ 8-12 for ages 6-12 and 60 and up. Multi-day transitions are available. Parking is $ 15 online in advance, $ 20 at the gate.

Information: lacountyfair.com

LA County Fair’s 2022 wacky foods include Kool Aid-flavored chicken, Cheetos soft drink – Daily Bulletin Source link LA County Fair’s 2022 wacky foods include Kool Aid-flavored chicken, Cheetos soft drink – Daily Bulletin

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