LA County communities remember 20th anniversary of 9/11 today with heartfelt tributes – Press Telegram

The power and unity of Americans was exhibited on Saturday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on cities throughout Los Angeles County.

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The compliment began early. In particular, at LAX, a moment of silence was held on Saturday at 5:46 am to commemorate the arrival of American Airlines Flight 11 departing from Boston Logan International Airport for LAX at the World Trade Center’s North Tower. started. Before another plane to Los Angeles International Airport collides with the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 6:03 am Pacific time. The third flight to Los Angeles International Airport, American Airlines Flight 77, departed from Washington Dulles International Airport and arrived at the Department of Defense at 6:37 am California time.

“New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia were struck by this horrific day 20 years ago, but Los Angeles was also heavily affected by the loss of three passengers and crew originally heading for LAX that morning. “Justin Elbatch said. , CEO of Los Angeles International Airport, the city agency that manages LAX.

A silent prayer and color guard ceremony was scheduled at LAX at 8:43 am within the US Customs and Border Protection Federal Inspection Office at Tom Bradley International Airport.

Residents of Torrance woke up in front of the sun to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11 and attended a ceremony held at the city hall on Saturday at 5:46 am. Photo: Hunter Lee, SCNG

two Decades later. The scene still evokes an emotional reaction, This weekend, it’s clear at the monuments in the area.

Residents of Torrance were devoted to showing their support, so at 5:46 am in front of the city hall before the sun to honor the victims, survivors, families, and first responders of the attack. Some people got up.

“One of the passengers on that flight was John Wenx, a 46-year-old Torrance resident who returned from a family visit,” said Torrance Mayor Patrick Fury. Wenks returned from Boston to Southern California with his friend John Hofer on Long Beach at an annual golf tournament held by his family in Cape Cod.

“I didn’t know John,” Fury added. “But like many, he came to Golden State and Torrance to pursue his dreams.”

“I just wonder what he was able to accomplish,” Fury said before the leaders looked back on the first responders and private volunteers who took action. For survivors.

“I will never forget the silence when the first plane crashed into the tower,” said Torrance Police Chief Jeremiah Hart. “Firefighters climbed stairs that never went down, but they still went.”

“The police officer was running through the smoke, even though he couldn’t see it and was still on his way,” he added. “Citizens moved over the rubble and couldn’t breathe, but they were still stationary.”

Hart said their sacrifice is calling on us to take action today.

Local first responders ringed the bell to conclude the event.This is usually to signal the start of the morning shift, but today To honor their fallen brothers and sisters..

“It’s customary for the last bell to ring for the brothers and sisters who made the most sacrifices,” said Martin Serna, Fire Chief of Torrance. “By giving their lives selflessly for their companions, their work was completed and their obligations were fulfilled.”

LA County communities remember 20th anniversary of 9/11 today with heartfelt tributes – Press Telegram Source link LA County communities remember 20th anniversary of 9/11 today with heartfelt tributes – Press Telegram

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