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On the day Los Angeles city councilman Mark Ridley Thomas will be charged with federal bribery and conspiracy, his council colleagues will vote tomorrow whether he will resign immediately.

The motion to suspend Ridley Thomas was introduced by the Chair of the Council, Nuri Martinez, and was endorsed by the Speaker of the Council, Mitch O’Farrell, and the Acting Chair. Voting is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:15 am as a special meeting during the council’s regular 10 am meeting.

“The indictment has not yet been tried and it is presumed that the person is not guilty until proved guilty. However, the councilor charged with corruption continues to exercise the power of the city hall and gain public trust. It cannot be maintained, “the motion said.

Ridley Thomas told his colleagues on Monday that he would “resign immediately” from attending council and committee meetings, but he will remain in office and resume attendance “as soon as possible.”

“I fully understand the importance of being able to do business with minimal distraction. With that in mind, and with deep respect for each and every one of you, I am complete. I will write to inform you of my intention to resign soon from attending both council and committee meetings, “Ridley-Thomas wrote to other council members.

In a statement on Friday, Ridley Thomas said he “will not resign” from his seat, unrelated to his service in the city council, but his previous on the county oversight board. Focuses on fighting prosecution during work.

“From now on, I’m going to do two things. To disprove my leveled claims and continue the work I’ve been chosen to do. Most importantly, to deal with the homeless and the housing crisis. “He said.

The 20-count complaint filed in federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday was directed by then-Director Ridley Thomas, who enrolled Ridley Thomas’ son in graduate school, a full scholarship, and a paid professorship at the university. She also allegedly arranged to raise $ 100,000 in donations from Ridley Thomas’ campaign finances to a non-profit organization run by her son through college.

In return, the indictment upheld Ridley Thomas’s contract with the county, including a social work school. This includes service provision contracts to the county’s Department of Child and Family Services and Probation, and amendments to contracts with the county’s office.mental

Health that brings millions of dollars in new income to schools. Ridley-Thomas will be deployed via Zoom on Wednesday afternoon. Flynn’s prosecution was set on October 25th. Both lawyers denied cheating.

On Tuesday, the county oversight committee set up an outside law firm to investigate Hilda Solis and Kathryn Berger’s allegations against Ridley Thomas and to investigate “related county processes and policies.” Consider the proposal to hire.

“For many years, we have endeavored to prevent corruption by managing opportunities, incentives and risks through robust processes and policies that provide transparency and accountability,” the motion said. “We re-commit to these principles and a new assessment of further process and policy improvements.”

66-year-old Ridley-Thomas is a local political giant, formerly a member of the Los Angeles City Council from 1991 to 2002, then a member of the Legislature and the State Senate before being elected to a powerful county oversight. rice field. In 2008, he served until 2020, when he returned to the city council.

Councilor Joe Buscaino, a member of the Homeless and Poverty Commission, called on Ridley Thomas to surrender his seat in the council. Meanwhile, city council president Nuri Martinez did not provide details, but the council told Ridley Thomas that “it needs to take appropriate action.”

Homeless and poverty committee councilor Nisia Raman urged Ridley Thomas to resign at least as chairman of the committee and deprive other committees of their duties “in the short term.”

LA City Council to Consider Suspending Mark Ridley-Thomas From Office – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link LA City Council to Consider Suspending Mark Ridley-Thomas From Office – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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