L.A.’s youngest Black and Latino residents are least likely to be vaccinated for COVID-19

As an annoying sign, the COVID-19 vaccination rate for the youngest black and Latin populations in Los Angeles County is significantly lower than for other racial and ethnic groups, and authorities make vaccination available throughout the region. We are expanding our efforts.

Only for those over 16 years old 41% of blacks and 48% of Latinos LA County received at least one shot. In contrast, 63% of Caucasians, 59% of Native Americans, and 71% of Asian Americans are at least partially vaccinated. Throughout the county, 64% of residents in this age group have been vaccinated at least once.

This disparity increases the likelihood of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death of black and Latino populations.

Black residents are now about twice as likely, and Latin Americans are about 60% more likely. Was hospitalized At COVID-19 than a white resident in LA County. Also, black and Latino residents are about twice as likely to die of COVID-19 as white residents in the county.

“This is really worrisome. As we have witnessed, black and brown residents have been blamed for this pandemic as essential workers.” Public health safety measures have been lifted and If not protected by the vaccine, the risk of reinfection, hospitalization, or death from the virus may be highest. “

The overall pace of vaccination has also slowed significantly in LA County. Currently, there are about 100,000 initial doses per week, which is just a small part of the vaccine that was given about 500,000 times this week. I have been vaccinated at least partially. To that end, the county would need to administer an additional 1.1 million doses, Ferrer said. Instead of achieving that goal in mid-to-late July, she Expected one month ago, She is expecting it now Achieved in late August..

“We expect it to be stable at around 100,000. [first] It is given once a week, “says Ferrer. “If we continue all the efforts we have with all our partners, I think we can reach that point in August.”

(Los Angeles County Public Health Department)

Ferrer said he hopes that more people will see their friends and family vaccinated without major problems and that they will be able to get the vaccine.

Vaccination disparities are especially noticeable in the younger age group. Among adults Under the age of 20, 24% of blacks and 37% of Latinos have been vaccinated at least once. By comparison, 54% of Caucasians, 53% of Native Americans, and 70% of Asian Americans in this age group have at least one shot.

Even between adults in their 30s and 40s, there is a large disparity. 35% of blacks and 45% of Latinos receive at least one dose. In contrast, 60% of Caucasians, 61% of Native Americans, and 69% of Asian Americans in this group receive at least one dose.

Inequality reflects a number of complex issues, including a historical shortage of medical resources in underserved communities, said Ferrer. Authorities say vaccines are really free and will be added later. We are struggling to convince some residents that there are no hidden fees to be paid and that getting the vaccine does not affect immigration.

Percentage of Los Angeles County residents who have been vaccinated at least once (by race and ethnicity)

(Los Angeles County Public Health Department)

Also, low incomes who may have more than one job and are worried that they may have to take a day or two vacation to deal with mild side effects such as fever and fatigue. Vaccination is more difficult for residents of the country. It happens occasionally after receiving a shot, she said. Authorities are trying to make those people more vulnerable to vaccination by setting up clinics at work and other convenient locations.

Authorities are already trying to use prizes to raise interest in vaccination.The country launched a $ 116.5 million incentive programThis will award $ 1.5 million to each of the 10 Californians, $ 50,000 per person to 30 inhabitants, and $ 50 to prepaid gifts or groceries to 2 million inhabitants. You will be eligible to receive the card.

In LA County, adults vaccinated from Friday to Thursday at a county-operated facility, the City of Los Angeles, or the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center facility Qualification to win a season ticket To the Dodgers or Los Angeles Football Club soccer team.

Past incentives, such as the Lakers ticket sweepstakes, seem to remain in the minds of many who visit vaccine clinics these days, Feller said. At times, about half of people know about prizes and sweepstakes, Ferrer said.

Ferrer also urged people to recommend vaccination to friends, family and neighbors. People can find vaccination sites at: vaccinatelacounty.comSites operated by the City and County of Los Angeles, as well as most community and mobile sites, offer shots without reservation. Also, many sites are open on weekends and at night.

“We can share our own stories and help us make our decisions … and when people are ready to vaccinate, hundreds of vaccination facilities in the county. We can offer the company and our incentives to take people in the community to one of the, “said Ferrer.

Authorities have placed numerous mobile vaccine sites in the most devastated areas of the pandemic, such as workplaces, schools, churches and seniors centers, and clinics in places such as Universal Citywalk, beaches, museums and other meetinghouses. Is moving to install.

L.A.’s youngest Black and Latino residents are least likely to be vaccinated for COVID-19 Source link L.A.’s youngest Black and Latino residents are least likely to be vaccinated for COVID-19

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