L.A.’s Latest Real Estate Craze: Homes with Two Kitchens

It’s well documented that people started cooking and making bread during the pandemic blockade (can you forget Sourdough’s Instagram?), But the latest essentials for monitored homebuyers are , May bring a surprise to the fact that it is not monitored among us.

by Hollywood ReporterThe number of kitchens on a particular home list has become as important as the number of bedrooms and baths. “In over 50% of our projects, our clients require two kitchens,” says Mauricio Oberfeld of Dugally Oberfeld, a high-end SoCal builder. “This is a trend that started in recent years and accelerated only during the pandemic.”

Why two kitchens? Those who like to enjoy at home seem to want a well-designed “show kitchen” and “preparation kitchen” for family and friends. THR We interviewed various real estate professionals who pointed out different lists that have been snapped by potential hungry homeowners. David Kelmenson of Compass describes an 11,600-square-foot, 7-bedroom home for sale at Pacific Palisades. This is perfect for today’s LA big-name consumers. You can buy 7 bedrooms and 2 kitchens for about $ 12 million. According to Kelmenson, the family kitchen is “a daily place for making cereals and toasts,” and down a short corridor, the preparatory kitchen is “when cooking Thanksgiving, using private chefs and catering. If you are a hard worker .. ”In short: a perfect celebrity friendly home.

Houses in Los Angeles with two kitchens operate for over $ 10 million. This means that having two kitchens generally involves many square feet. For the wealthy, this trend isn’t new, but it’s being exacerbated by the pandemic. “People now want more under one roof,” explains Kelmenson. This also means a gym, swimming pool and double home office space. In short, the demand for LA contractors and architects is much higher. It is called a trickle-down structure.

The two kitchen trends are piggybacking on the surge in open floor plans. With fewer walls, the owner suddenly wants a kitchen that isn’t open to anyone.

Mauricio Oberfeld explains: The trend of “chef’s kitchen” is growing. “

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L.A.’s Latest Real Estate Craze: Homes with Two Kitchens Source link L.A.’s Latest Real Estate Craze: Homes with Two Kitchens

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