L.A.’s Amanda Gorman was the ‘WriteGirl’ to Commemorate the Inauguration (Poem Transcript)

If today’s inauguration wasn’t yet emotional to most of us, it was arguably when the poet laureate Amanda Gorman shared the heartfelt words he wrote for a historic event. The 22-year-old Los Angeles native captured the patriotic power and beauty of the moment in her poem entitled “The Hill We Climb.” This is a personal and inspiring piece of shared American experience.

A Little Biography About Gorman-She was born and raised in the Westchester area of ​​Los Angeles and turned to writing as a kid to deal with speech disorders. At the age of 14, Gorman participated in the LA-based Write Girl program (covered last March) and attended a monthly creative writing workshop for an organization focused on poetry and songwriting.

In addition to workshops that help girls and non-binary youth explore writing through group workshops, the basis of WriteGirl is to match writers and young women who work for one-on-one mentorship. is. Gorman participated in this exciting program and was named the first Los Angeles youth poet laureate in history while working with WriteGirl, 16. The group hosted an inauguration online watch party for volunteers, teens and graduates.

“Write Girl has played a vital role in my life. It’s thanks to their support that I was able to pursue my dream as a writer,” Gorman quotes on the Write Girl website. .. “A special cry to my ex-mentors Michelle and Dina. I wouldn’t have been here without you!”

Gorman made history by being named the first national youth poet laureate in the United States in 2016 and winning the title at the youngest. Today she became the youngest poet to share her work at the presidential inauguration (former poets included Maya Angelou and Robert Frost). He recently graduated from Harvard University with excellent grades and will soon publish two Penguin / Random House books, including a poetry book and a book for children. Change the song.

Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” is excerpted from:

Dr. Biden, Vice President Madam, Emhoff, Americans, and the world.

When the day comes, we ask ourselves. Where can we find the light in this endless shade?
The loss we carry, the sea. We have to walk.
I carved the belly of the beast.
I learned that silence is not always peaceful.
The norms and concepts of what justice is are not always justice.
Still, the dawn is ours before we know it.
Somehow we do that. For some reason, we have witnessed a country that has weathered and it is unbroken, but simply unfinished.
In an era when we, the heir apparent to the country, and a slender black girl descended from slavery and were raised by a single mother, we could dream of becoming president just by realizing that we were reciting for one person. I can do it.
Yes, we are neither sophisticated nor pristine, but that does not mean that we are striving to form a perfect union.
We strive to form a union with a purpose.
Commit to all human cultures, colors, personalities and conditions to form a country.
And we look at what is standing in front of us, not what is standing between us
We close the division because we know that our future is our top priority. First we need to set aside our differences.
We put our arms so that we can reach each other. We do no harm to anyone and seek harmony from all.
If you say nothing else to the earth, this is true.
It grew while we were sad.
Even if it hurt us, we wanted.
Even if I was tired, I tried to win forever.
Not because we never know defeat, but because we never split.
The Bible tells us to imagine that everyone sits under their vines and fig trees and no one scares them.
If we live in our own time, victory is not in the blade, but in all the bridges we have built.
It is a promise to make the hills we climb vacant lots.
Being American is more than the pride we inherit.
It’s a past we’ve stepped into, and how to repair it.

We have seen the power to shatter or nationalize rather than share it.
If that means delaying democracy, it will destroy our country.
And while this effort has been nearly successful, democracy can be delayed on a regular basis, but this truth will never be defeated forever.
History looks to us in this faith we trust while we look to the future. This is just an era of redemption.
At first I was afraid of it.
We didn’t feel ready to be the heirs of such a terrifying time, but in it we found the power to write new chapters.
Providing hope and laughter to ourselves.

So once you ask, how can you overcome the catastrophe?
Now do we insist on how a catastrophe can beat us?
Instead of returning to their previous state, we move to a place that should be a hurt country.
But the whole mercy, but bold, fierce, and free.

We know that our negligence and inertia will be the succession of the next generation, so we will not be looked back or disturbed by intimidation.
Our blenders are at their expense, but there is one thing for sure.
If we combine mercy and power with power and power, love becomes our legacy at night and changes the innate rights of our children.
So let’s leave a better country than one.

I was out of breath and my bronze chest was throbbing.
We will grow this injured world into a mysterious world.
We will rise from the golden limb hills of the west.
We will rise from the northeastern winds that our ancestors first revolutionized.
Midwestern state cities will rise from the lake.
We are born of the sun burned in the south.
We will rebuild, reconcile, recover and regain every known corner of the country.

And every corner was called our country.
Diverse and beautiful people appear, become tattered and beautiful.
When the sun comes, we get out of the shadow of the flames and, without fear, release the new dawn balloon.
Because there was always light.
If we have enough courage to see it.
If we have enough courage to do it.

L.A.’s Amanda Gorman was the ‘WriteGirl’ to Commemorate the Inauguration (Poem Transcript) Source link L.A.’s Amanda Gorman was the ‘WriteGirl’ to Commemorate the Inauguration (Poem Transcript)

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